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From Pamela Webber

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:56 pm

Pamela Webber
1 hr

Painting plasterite today.
Anyone ever add dye to the plasterite before pouring?

You, Ju Kelly, Siobhan Rice and Maureen James Hoey

Jenny MortellGroup Admin What a lovely colorful collection Pamela Webber, glowing with energy. Yes attached is a sample of one of EK's cones, with paint being added in first, and some smeared on the inside of the mold to achieve the attractive streaky effect. Tony Geron has a lovely technique of pouring water into a mold then mixing in Plaster and food coloring while stirring.

Pamela Webber Woot!! Thank You!
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Re: International

on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:16 pm
June Cheney CarnahanPlasterite by June Sales Group

5 hrs · 


It's our cat's "birthday" (we don't know exactly which day she was born, but she's about one year old today, and Valentine's Day seemed like a nice day to celebrate). My girls gifted her a toy mouse, a few cans of tuna, and a piece of plasterite (painted by my 4-year-old). Seems like she's enjoying the plasterite. [size=0]☺️[/size]

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Re: International

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:34 am
June Cheney Carnahan
February 17 at 12:39am

Sharing with permission: My daughter's former first grade teacher bought a set of my plasterite hearts for her students to paint on Valentine's Day. She sent me these pics and wrote, "Thanks for filling our heart with joy. They loved it! They were so kind to each other when sharing the paints and complimenting each other!"

23You, Hanah Cobban and 21 others

Ann Duncan What a great idea!



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Jenny Mortell Lovely occasion for the children they all loo so happy and focussed. Look at the girl in the foreground feeling the energy. I'm checking with you June to see is it ok to add to the Plasterite Forum?



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June Cheney Carnahan Sorry, just saw your comment, Jenny! Of course you can upload to the forum; always delighted to contribute. 

June Cheney Carnahan
 · February 14 at 5:05pm[/size]
It's our cat's "birthday" (we don't know exactly which day she was born, but she's about one year old today, and Valentine's Day seemed like a nice day to celebrate). My girls gifted her a toy mouse, a few cans of tuna, and a piece of plasterite (painted by my 4-year-old). Seems like she's enjoying the plasterite. ☺️

Cathy Dolbec My Lulu loves her devices too...


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on Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:47 pm
The energy cone

The "holy energy cone",
the "holy energy cone"!

It is a very strong orgone generator!

The original is back, in the now
4th generation of the energy cone.
The energy cone is now made of 100% natural materials
built up. This new generation of the energy cone is
absolutely non-toxic and odorless!
Unlike orgone devices off
toxic polyester and epoxy resin, they contain
no aggressive ingredients or solvents!
And thus are completely harmless to nature, animals and humans.

Its structure and mode of action is
one of the strongest orgone generators available!

The energy cone consists of a matrix of many
Gemstones / minerals and natural gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate)!

In addition, a crystal is poured in, he serves
to give the orgone a certain direction.
He points upstairs.

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

What is gypsum?

Gypsum is the product of the reaction of calcium (lime) with
Sulfate ions (water). This process can also be done in the
Natural (natural gypsum deposits, for example, on the edge of the
Mittelgebirge Harz). In both cases that is
Result Calcium sulphate dihydrate, ie set gypsum.
The chemical formula for this is: CaSO4 x 2H2O.

Gypsum in its natural form, as in our resin
is already a crystal. Good in the photo too

natural plaster

The effectiveness of the orgone matrix essentially depends
from the crystal structure.

On the next picture (microscope picture) one recognizes,
How gypsum forms millions of crystals when cured.

The recording refers to 3μm, 3 microns.

One micrometer (or mycrometer after the
Greek letter μ (My), unit symbol: μm)
corresponds to the millionth of a meter:
1 μm = 10-6 m = 0.000 001 m.
Or 1 μm = 10-3 mm, that is one thousandth of a millimeter.

Gypsum crystals under the microscope

No odors, no styrene, no solvents,
it is one of the most environmentally friendly
Orgone generators that exist!

This in harmony with nature, what a
generates very harmonic vibration, and
works even more effectively!

The energy cone is beautiful and noble!

Does not stand out and could be great as an art object,
e.g. go through the office or the apartment!

Why white?

(apart from the advantages of the plaster regarding
the environmental friendliness and the yourself
very good forming crystal structure)

Many believe that white is the absence of color.
The opposite is the case:
White contains all colors. It is the connection
from all existing colors.

The special ability of the human visual system,
Light of different wavelengths or frequencies than
Distinguishing different colors is called color vision.
There are basically two processes involved in color perception
involved, namely a physiological in the eye and a
mental in the brain. The color vision is through the
Young-Helmholtz Dreifarbentheorie with the basic and
Primary colors red, green and blue explained. From these
Basic colors are created by additive color mixtures
the colors yellow (from red and green), blue-green or cyan
(green and blue), purple or magenta (blue and red)
and at the meeting of all three colors white.

As a result, the energy cone has a very broad spectrum of action!
Because it combines all colors and therefore all frequencies
covering the colors!

The energy cone is tested for effectiveness and functionality!

This energy cone is capable of a blue hole,
from min. 5km diameter, to create in the cloud cover!

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

Over the power cone, chemtrails have no chance to hold themselves
once the plane has reached the effective radius of the energy cone,
the chemtrail dissolves from the middle!

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

Click for enlarged view, opens new window!

These are quite "new", enormously strong, consistently positive,
love filled energies available here!

- The energy cone cleans your environment, ensures a
fresh atmosphere, for a soothing climate at the
Places where he is placed!

- The room will give you strength and much better concentration
Give wealth!

- All negative, dead energy (which causes illness) becomes
in positive, vibrant energy (which gives you health
will bring) is converted!

- It eliminates sleep disturbances when setting up in the bedroom,
neutralizes water veins and other unbalanced ones
Energiestellen in your apartment or your house!

- All antennas (such as mobile phones, radio antennas),
all radiations (such as microwaves, any electrosmog)
is neutralized, that is rendered harmless!

eliminate these negative aspects, get more zest for life, greater fitness, are more balanced, more harmonious and will stay healthy! - 

Made of 100% natural fabrics, therefore particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or people with pulmonary diseases!

 - Even as a noble art object tarn bar! Many of the following gemstones / minerals are cast in: 

Agate - Amethyst - Aragonite - Rock Crystal - China Jade - Fluorite Green Quartz - Onyx Marble - Rose Quartz - Selenite - Sodalite Turquoise - Lapis Lazuli - Malachite - Obsidan - Ruby - Quartz - Tourmaline Carnelian - Pyrite - Sugilite - Hematite - Chrysocolla - Tiger's eye - etc. 

The stones used have the following properties: Agate: Security, Simplicity, Bliss Amethyst: Awareness, Meditation, Sincerity Aragonite: Safety, Calm, Creativity Rock Crystal: Clarity, Self-knowledge, Assertiveness China -Jade: Protection, Peace, Stability Fluorite: Intuition, Concentration, Freedom Green Quartz: Strength, Relaxation, Serenity Onyx Marble: Calm, Tolerance, Flexibility Rose Quartz: Empathy, Love Capability, Heartfeltness Selenite: Serenity, Confidence, Serenity Sodalite: Truth , Trust, 

Hope How does the energy cone work and work! Click for enlarged view, opens new window! 

The weather forecast of the newspaper, probably not true Smile!

 Although we perceive matter as something compact, solid, you only need to tap on the tabletop with your index finger once: But that is a misconception. Tables, people, walls: about 99.9 percent of everything consists of vacuum. 

So it is absolutely empty! What matter appears to us are the subatomic particles of vibrating energy that carry information and coding. 

And here works the energy cone: Its structure of gypsum (millions of crystals) and the many gems / minerals, forms a matrix! 
Plaster Crystals Gemstones Gypsum Crystals Gemstones Gypsum Crystals -... etc! 

This network (or matrix) attracts the energy or the subatomic particles and brings them into a harmonic oscillation. 

Similar to gemstones in water to energize it. When the energy comes out again, from the energy cone or the matrix, it falls into a neutral state! It comes cleaned, fresh, alive and unconsumed 

With the advantage that the whole negative vibrations or solidified energies have been neutralized!
  Thus, all information and coding are deleted and thus the chemtrails or their ingredients and all negative energies made harmless!

The energy is pure again and in flux! 

Click for enlarged view, opens new window! In this photo you can see a light phenomenon (!) Above the energy cone! opens new window! 

Even plants benefit from the effect! 

How does the energy cone concentrate the energy? The energy cone is made up of many different gemstones / minerals as they occur in our earth. Add to that the millions of gypsum crystals that serve as perfect conductors between the minerals. In this battle of gemstones / minerals and gypsum crystals, energy through the crystals and gems / minerals continues to focus and concentrate, which explains the effect and tremendous energy. 

Click for enlarged view, opens new window! Click for enlarged view, opens new window! The effective radius of the energy cone is approx. 5km. The energy cone should be placed inside (home, home, office), orgone penetrates any material, which is why the energy cone can also unfold its full potential in buildings. Holding your fingers over the tip of the energy cone, you feel a flow of energy flowing. 

Some people are scared because they can not imagine where this is coming from. The energy cone brings a lot of harmony into a flat or a house, the people who live there, become more relaxed and friendly
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Re: International

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:48 pm
What are contrails:

A vapor trail occurs when an airplane
flying at high altitude (about 10 000 meters), and the
Compressed air to water vapor or ice crystals,
by the pressure of movement, by the air of the
Thrusters and wing tips. This strip
disappears immediately (just behind the plane),
by evaporation, because it consists of water.

What is a chemtrail?

The name "chemtrail" (in German "chemical strip")
is a relatively new word that has been shaped in recent years
became, along with the appearance of chemtrails.
A chemtrail is very different from a vapor trail.
In the beginning it may look like a vapor trail.
However, instead of dissolving like a vapor trail,
a chemtrail spreads slowly in the sky,
until he becomes the hazy cloudbank.
These stripes run through the whole sky,
and stay there for up to five hours or more.
It was noticed that she has a blue sky
can turn into a gray fog cover

As a result of chemtrails usually a dense cloud cover pulls the
Heaven too. So many place the chemtrails at all
not to face.

You know it very well, come in dull weather
pretty soon also cloudy thoughts. And cloudy bad
humorous or sad people are much easier
influence and control radio and television,
but also from the print media (magazines, books),
as good-humored, fun-loving and cheerful people.

When the sun shines on your face on a beautiful day,
Do not you feel a beautiful warmth, that is
the pure love that then spreads in her body.
The sun just makes you happy and content and lets you
many of the murky sad thoughts disappear or show
what life really is about.
To love, to be loved is so beautiful. If you love
If you send out love, you will be happier.

But if you're in a bad mood - through cloudy weather,
too little sun, many people set themselves before the
TV or look in the newspaper, and what reads and
you see, almost only bad news, the fear
and always pretend that's what you do
To deal with murder and homicide, so that you protect yourself
must, in front of the many evil people out there.

All nonsense, a perfect staging, and collection
of all the negative things happening in the world.

One then thinks of all the horrible things that happen in the world
and thinks is the world crazy - no the news,
the media are the ones who are crazy. They are tools around the
To steer and guide people like a horde. And she like that
continue to do as it is, to be afraid to
its existence, to work until it falls (until the faith
is lost to all the best).

On Earth, unstoppable is an increase in consciousness
the population, and all those chemtrails (bad cloudy weather)
and the negative media are only one last
Desperate attempt to prevent this.

But through the Enlightenment as on this page and through many
other thousands of pages around the world, people notice
just what is played here for a game with them.

The energy cone breaks the cloud cover, a few days after
When the energy cone has been set up, the sky often turns into a dark red.
As a result of which the chemtrails can no longer achieve their full effect,
The clouds disappear over the energy cone, and you see them
total pollution of the atmosphere.

Do not be scared in the early days, often the cloud cover disappears
over the energy cone and one sees an almost unbelievable variety
of chemtrails, in all possible patterns (stars and symbols).
The energy cone is then to work, he dissolves the cloud cover,
and shows the spraying that they usually do over this cloud cover,
but nobody should see.
After some time there will be more and more beautiful blue skies
when the energy cone has cleaned the environment.

The effective radius of the energy cone is min. 5km, this radius of action
but it is getting bigger, because more and more people are informed,
and now know what is happening over them and how they want to influence you.
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Re: International

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:54 pm
The energy cone »The story

The history
In the here described towerbusters (tb), holy hand grenades (hhg)
and chembustern (cb) are all orgone generators that I use in
built in the last few years. I always learned better to understand why
and how they worked. So I could use today's knowledge with this knowledge
Build energy cones with a tremendous power and potential.

Now the story that preceded the development of the energy cone:

It all started when I saw these strange stripes in the sky,
I thought that this can not be a coincidence, how these are arranged.

(All photos are taken by myself.)

So I got smart on the internet, and became
quickly find what it is.

I got all the material about it,
Writings by and about Wilhelm Reich and also Schauberger.
And already I built my first chembuster.

I quickly learned the art of building strong and beautiful chembusters.

The me through particularly long copper tubes
helped to an incredibly large impact radius.

In this model over 45 meters of copper pipe were installed. People wrote
me that she was taking great energies around the site

That was almost 3 years ago, the development went on, I could not
make friends with polyester resin, from which I use the chembuster, towerbuster,
holy hand grenades had been made to distribute in the world. Polyester resin is
not necessarily the most environmentally friendly material, even if it's its effect
did, the time for polyester resin was over.

I found a new resin that was much more environmentally friendly, made of polyurethane. This should be
even safe for waters etc. The things I built from it were
very very strong but also harmonious, as you can see in the photos.

I built this Chembuster to direct certain parts of the body
and selectively treat with orgone, all parts can be removed
and extend as desired.

The problem with this resin, was the very high price, 1 liter was about 35 €,
for a chembuster I needed about 15 liters. The bigger problem was
that this resin really only pour under vacuum or
can process. So almost every second chembuster failed me,
as well as many of the holy hand grenades and towerbuster. The little fruits
were for your pocket or purse.

That's almost two years ago.

Last year I found a white resin, which was very easy to pour
and should be very environmentally friendly.

In the meantime, I found out that the orgone generators are very strong
could be grounded in them. I simply connected it to the grounding of the
Home network, so the plug (all current-carrying conductors were removed).

admin note This was done to avoid potential law suites.... I love you

This is now a year ago, it should all be easier, more natural.
There should be a possibility the same effect of a big one
chembusters, to create a smaller orgone generator.
Over the years, I learned how the orgone devices work,
why they work. And that they work all the more
can, the simpler and more natural they are built.

This energy cone is the product of years of preparation.
Into which I can now incorporate my knowledge. Which one
unbelievably strong energy cone has emerged. This energy cone
is made up of gypsum, crystals and minerals / gemstones.

The special thing about this picture is the deep blue sky,
an absolute rarity.

In this strength and expression I could do this for the first time
observe at these energy cones. No chembuster
was so far able to do so.

The energy cone is made of many different gemstones / minerals,
as they occur in our earth. In addition the many millions
Gypsum crystals that serve as perfect conductors between the minerals.
No artificial cloth (polyester or synthetic resin) can this variety
of the crystals form.

The big crystal that is poured in is then used
to give the whole a certain direction. In this fight
from gemstones / minerals and gypsum crystals energy is transmitted through
the crystals and gems / minerals are ever further bundled and
concentrated, which explains the effect and enormous energy.

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Re: International

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:56 pm
Infos von Timo Reinwald
Ich war einer der ersten die die künstlichen Orgonite  gebaut hat. 
Ich baue und verkaufe nun schon seit 5 Jahren keine künstlichen Orgonite  mehr. Da der EnergieKegel die künstlichen Orgonite komplett ersetzt hat. Der Kegel hat die gleiche Wirkung wie ein großer Chembuster, und funktioniert dabei sogar noch zuverlässiger.
Da der Aufbau und die Wirkweise eine Neukonstruktion ist, die komplett auf der Natur basiert,
angefangen von nur rein natürlichen Substanzen bis hin zur Nachbildung natürlicher neutralisierender
und harmonisierender Energien.
Auf meiner Homepage  unter "Die Geschichte"  ist die Entwicklung vom  Cloudbuster  zum Kegel  aufgeführt.
Mit Spannung hat das nichts zu tun, leider wissen viele der Hersteller nicht so richtig wie Ihre gebauten Sachen funktionieren.
Ich habe die Sachen von Grund auf gebaut und auch mit entwickelt und immer weiterentwickelt,  nie ist es zum Stillstand gekommen. Bis  die jetzige Generation aus Gips fertig  war.
Gerne versuche ich Dir, auch in Bezug auf Deine Frage, noch etwas die Arbeitsweise und
Wirkweise des Kegels zu erklären.  Auch für einen besseren Überblick.

Der Kegel besteht nur aus rein natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen, er bildet die neutralisierenden und
harmonisierenden Energien der Natur nach. Das heißt er neutralisiert und harmonisiert. 
Aufgrund des natürlichen Aufbaus, arbeitet er genau wie die Natur, die immer ein harmonisches Gleichgewicht erreichen möchte.

Der Kegel und die Herzen neutralisieren Energien, wenn schlechte Energien wegfallen,  kann der Organismus z.B. Mensch wieder gedeihen, und hat mehr Energie zur Verfügung, auch um Gesund zu werden und Gesund zu bleiben.
Nur nebenbei dies ist auch der Grund weswegen keine  Überenergetisierung  stattfinden kann,  da nur Energien neutralisiert bzw. harmonisiert werden.  Ganz ähnlich wie es in der Natur passiert.
Da die Edelsteine/ Mineralien( ca. 100 vers.) und die Kristalle( 5 - 9) mit dem Gips in einen natürlichen Verbund gegossen sind, befindet sich die Energie in einen ständigen Kreislauf,  wie auch auf meiner
Homepage, unter " Wie konzertiert der EnergieKegel seine Energie ",  mit einem Bild beschrieben. 
Durch diesen natürlichen Kreislauf,  den ich so in der Natur entdecken konnte/ durfte und im Kegel nachbauen, reinigen sich die Edelsteine immer wieder von selbst und laden sich auch immer wieder von selbst auf.
Aus  diesem  Grund verwende ich keine Metall und auch kein Aluminium, sie würden den natürlichen Energiefluss behindern.
Die Edelsteine und die Kristalle verschmelzen praktischen zu einem Teil, ein kraftvolles Stück Natur.
Dabei muss man das ganze wie die Natur selbst sehen.

Der Kegel und die Herzen arbeiteten auf Ebene der Information, wie die Natur übrigens auch.  Materie besteht aus Energie, das weiß heutzutage jeder, damit aus  Energie aber Materie besteht, benötigt es eine Information,  das haben sogar schon unsere  Wissenschaftler mittlerweile  akzeptiert  und anerkannt.
Und genau bei dieser Information setzt der Kegel an, weil genau nach diesem  Prinzip auch die Natur arbeitet.  Anders wäre es gar nicht möglich z.B.  die  Chemtrails,  unnatürliche Wolken etc. aufzulösen.
Der Kegel löst die Informationen die den  Chemtrails  zu Grunde liegen, die Information die den Chemtrail erst dazu macht, mit all seinen Inhaltsstoffen.
Wenn nun diese Information neutral  bzw.  neutralisiert ist, wie ein leeres  Dokument, dann  fehlt  der Energie die Information um  sich zu  Materie zu verdichten.
Dadurch löst sich der Chemtrail und die unnatürlichen  Wolken auf,  und  damit lösen sich auch  die  Inhaltsstoffe auf und können  nicht zu Boden fallen.

Gleichsam verhält es sich bei Elektrosmog,  Handyfunkstrahlung  etc.,  die  einfach auf den ganz natürlichen Weg  neutralisiert und harmonisiert werden.
( Wie  schon gesagt besteht  der  Kegel  nur aus rein natürlichen Stoffen,  nicht ein künstliches Element
ist  enthalten.  Wenn der  Kegel o der die Herzen bei  einem  stehen,  ist es  einfach  so,  als ob man einen
Spaziergang über eine Blumenwiese macht, auf einer Waldlichtung sitzt, an einen Wasserfall oder Bachlauf
entlang läuft.)

Genau nach  diesem  Prinzip arbeitet auch die Natur,  wie sonst könnte sie sich von so
mancher Katastrophe erholen,  die der Mensch ihr angetan hat. Und durch das Nachbauen
dieser Wirkweise, was nur durch einen rein natürlichen Aufbau möglich war, funktioniert
der Kegel.

Der  Radius des  Kegel  beträgt min. 5km, diese beziehen sich vor allen auf das Loch was in der
Wolkendecke entsteht,  dies kann aber auch viel größer als die 5km sein.  Am Boden tut ein Kegel seine Wirkung noch weit über das Haus hinaus, indem er auch in der Umgebung die Energien harmonisiert.
Umso näher man dem Kegel ist, bzw. wenn man sich im gleichen Raum oder Haus aufhält, ist die
Wirkung am effektivsten.

Den Kegel kannst Du dort aufstellen, wo Du das beste Gefühl hast, etwas  besonderes  gibt es dabei
nicht zu beachten.  Am liebsten wird der Kegel im Wohnbereich oder im Schlafzimmer aufgestellt.
Auf den Nachttisch oder im Wohnzimmer auf einen niedrigen Schrank, oder auch gerne ins Fenster.
Aber wie schon gesagt, Du kannst Dich da völlig frei entscheiden.
Am liebsten wird der Kegel da aufgestellt wo das Leben spielt, wo man sich am häufigsten aufhält.

Der Kegel wirkt in alle Richtungen, auch nach unten, der Bergkristall in der Mitte des Kegels sorgt dafür das ein Teil der Energie nach oben zum Himmel geht.  Aber wie schon gesagt,  nur ein Teil, deswegen
braucht er nicht im Keller stehen.

Die Herzen sind auch für unterwegs gedacht,  da sich ein Kegel, aufgrund seiner Größe,  nicht so
leicht mitnehmen lässt.  Wenn man z.B. auswärts bei Bekannten oder in einem Hotel übernachtet.
Im  freien Feld, z.B. an Funkmasten abgelegt,  beträgt der Wirkradius 20 bis 50m.
Hat man ein Herz in der Hosentasche,  Jackentasche etc.  schützt  es einen unterwegs optimal.

Der Kegel  löst unnatürliche Wolkendecken  und  Chemtrails  auf,  die natürlichen Wolken
bleiben bestehen,  das ist auch sehr wichtig,  ansonsten wären die Folgen für das Land
und die Landwirtschaft nicht gut.

Der Einfluss auf das Wetter hat sich folgendermaßen gezeigt, der Kegel stellt das natürliche typische Wetter 
für eine Region wieder her. Das heißt er kann für Sonnenschein und blauen Himmel,  aber auch für energievolle  und wichtige Regen sorgen.  So benutzen ihn  z.B. in Spanien vers. von Trockenheit geplagte Bauern, um Regen  auf Ihre Felder zurück zu holen, und bei uns in Deutschland um Sturm und Hagelschäden zu vermeiden.

Der Kegel entfaltet von innen aus dem Haus heraus,  seine volle Wirkung auf die Chemtrails  und unnatürlichen Wolken.

Man kann den Kegel und die Herzen auch wetterfest machen, dazu haben mir meine zahlreichen Kunden weltweit geholfen.  Dabei hat sich folgendes als beste Möglichkeit heraus gestellt. Den Kegel oder die Herzen mit  2 oder 3 Schichten umweltfreundlichem  Klarlack  lackieren.
Ich mach dies  aber aus umwelttechnischer  Sicht nicht,  auch wie schon erwähnt da der Kegel seine  volle Wirkung von innen heraus entfaltet.  Es würde auch reichen den Kegel und die Herzen einfach vor Regen zu schützen,  mit einer Glas oder Plastik Haube,  wird so auch öfters  gemacht, oder einfach unter ein Dach stellen. 
Es gibt auch Kunden die den Kegel und die Herzen schön bemalen und dann als letzte Schicht Klarlack drauf machen.
In Portugal z.B. steht ein Kegel seit über einen Jahr im freien, dort friert es im Winter aber auch nicht. So langsam sieht man die Spuren des Regens aber doch am Kegel.  Wenn man den Kegel und die Herzen dauerhaft draußen aufstellen möchte, dann bitte einen der oben genannten Tipps verwenden.

Aber wie schon gesagt, einen schönen Ort im Haus oder der Wohnung wählen, am besten nach  Deiner Intuition gehen,  da wo es sich gut anfühlt ist auch meist der beste Platz.  Denn auch von innen heraus entfaltet  der Kegel seine volle Wirkung auf den Himmel und die Chemtrails.

Man kann die Kegel und Herzen auch vergraben.
Sie gliedern sich perfekt ins Erdreich ein, und bleiben auch in der Erde stabil.
Auf  der  Oberfläche  der Kegel  und  Herzen beginnen dann sogar Kristalle zu wachsen.

In Australien (und auch in Schweden) werden die Kegel aus Gips  nach meinem  Vorbild  in manchen Schulen des  Landes im Unterricht gegossen,  so dass die Kinder  es einfach mit nach Hause nehmen können.
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