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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:52 am
OK, well children, all non policital correct topics have been hidden, will make another wordpress thingy , anonymous, and separate from the energy topics, etc etc, all gets a bit too deep and confusing for most thumbsuckers anyway and dump it there, to get the word out, for whatever that is worth. Only three per cent of you understand that shit anyway. That is just the way it is , most of you hang out the windows watching for Niburu or pink aliens anyway.
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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:58 am
There is just way too much honesty truth and power on this forum and that is a no no
maybe we have to start self policing here hahhaahah
just remove all " not topic " things you know
to save the toddlers mind

diving in it as we speak
so it will be just the energywork, or " orgonite" if we cannot avoid that terrible word.
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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:50 am
But, CEO Jenn, I plead guilty, guilty for sure, even before a trial we know the one who sees must be guilty, always has always will
As you did caught me in time, Selenite Queen, thank you for that, big big kudos
big hugs and kisses as you are right I have gradually become....a thought criminal
the ultimate terrorist in the ultimate revolution
I have yes, blushing, shame, rolling eyes
Oh god did you see that happen, I spoke truth, FFS, god help us , really send the reptiles and niburu spaceships down pronto 
So glad you caught me in time
the twenty years hard labor in some Siberian slave camp will be absorbed with pride and dignity
chin up soldiers hahahahaha
I spoke even some truth now and than holy feckers, we cant have that !!!!!!!!!!

Shame on me

shame shame shame....

how the fuck could that happen, how the hell did I dare two and two equals four, I must get insane
I need professional NWO help
phone the government hotline, does Enda Kenny need a new pc shower mate, I am the man hahahah
Praise the lord you caught me in time ...........just imagine the consequences if that had all been posted here
fecking macaroni

did you notice the amount of ridiculous truth on this forum, it is appalling
thank goodness it has been corrected in time
I mean really, yes really , think about it
the impact it might have had
because you know, at a certain point I really started to " believe" in chemtrails you see
yes chemtrails are a Religion, or at least that is what they tell me and they , my betters , my satanic lovers, they are always right you see
of course they are right
they do come from the right bloodlines, the proper gene pool, we are just peasants, maybe we just have to know our " place"
would you not agree

Oh yes, the exposure the shame, the horror

I was so wrong on so many topics , dear CEO, really was, thought GMO was bad , all that hoopla, so obnoxious behavior of me , I feel so terribly sorry, is there any way I can make it up to the public
than those silly " speedo movies" I Mean, how low can a CEO go ? Really ? Yah...
Very fucking low obviously hahahah
the character now raising his hands up to heaven, oh lord what I done, that sort of bananas

than those stupid black helicopters, although they are not always black as that would be eh " offending" 
no no they are blue and white too uh uh
I thought they were real
can u imagine that ??????? say duh
of course they are not real
while doing a massage with david icke - that was before Hillary intervened with that famous whip Soros is so hot about all the time, you know, our Georgy, , he told me , mate, buckle up and rub faster those are just archons from the fifth dimension beaming that shit into your pea head from the moon, as the moon is brought there by spaceships and it is it comes..hollow, yes , he said hollow
and they use radars to  beam that shit into our gmo brains , no shit
so thank goodness he cleared that up for me

I was almost lost there
baffled you know baffled, close your mouth EK it is all fine now
drink your herb tea say Ommmmmmmmmm
thank the universe for Icke and Jones and all the other true heroes of the truth movement
anything I have missed ? probably...

well you know, maybe , maybe if I think I got something to say, highly doubtful, I can always make that silly worpress crap blog and do it there
you know
avoid the crying children and all that
it s time for redemption and repent oh yessssssss



anyway think it is sorted out now, more or less...

I will report myself to the Ministry of Love
that is where they do the torture for political correctness
all for the greater good , all to help me, the nobody me, feel so honored they do that, tax free you know, they say and who would I be to doubt that eh ?
come on, let s all " tie together" you know, let s all be one, this oneness thing again
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah all in it " together " yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
roll roll eyes
can I have my dope now, need to perform some new age pagan dance mystic orgy thingy to announce the fertilization of Niburu
gluten free, of course, CO2 neutral
have you seen  my pink bra somewhere J ? Yeah I know, but Soros likes it often bites his lip, think he likes me jayyyyyyso , let us not disappoint the illumined ones eh 
because if I dont wear it some nutcase somewhere might get offended , you know, that s more than enough nowadays to take you down so
let s play ball here, let s " go along" lets " be social" here

Get down from your silver horse you fecking priest warrior, mix with the peasants FFS , the serves, come on, dont be shy you can do it
try a bit harder, we all know you have that Mao picture above your bed, you know, you little doll...

smile EK , fecking smile, dont be like that
come on
hop on board, cowboy
be like the others, the herd, the cattle, you might even start to like it
alcohol free beer, free new age courses , hey did >I mention the vegan meals yet ???
and if you shake it up a bit in the group shower for our reike masters they will put a big fat golden masonic star on your gorgeous ass
how does that sound EK , convinced yet ?

oh man this is gonna do magic to my chakras, turning purple already soon I reach yellow 
baby , you havent seen nothing yet
cvbncvnvbn cvbncvnvbn cvbncvnvbn

is that good enough Jenn?
Dont want to be rude or anything
all this self knowledge
know thyself the ancients said
well I do

now I have to do my manicure
anyone likes a free butter cookie ?
iiopiùopùio jruyjruyj

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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:20 am
Smile Smile Smile Smile You may as well keep going, you can't help yourself, yes I know, years of practice being you.   Your readership must be used to being mildly insulted, we know you really love us  Laughing     Can it be you have removed a few pages' worth of content?  I haven't checked what's gone, but surely done very selectively? The Irish topic will soon be a lean, mean, machine - fat chance  Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:08 pm
Well the brushing up is completed as you may notice.
Certainly all done very selectively what did you think
what are you like ?

things might have gotten mildly overweight, like your neighbor after christmas
also most of those topics are discussed or dealt with in their relevant places elsewhere on the forum.
have removed most of my videos too
maybe not really needed, way too sexy too
we just cant have that
one way or another at least it does look a lot nicer and more eh ..professional
oh dear what sort of term is that
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Re: The Irish Topic

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:46 pm
Actually it is your turn to put on your " three lines " CEO 
but hey..let s be cool here hahahah

Heard that Mags Murphy s " anti geo fakebook group has been hammered in some way so she had to reboot that one
we are in and posting stuff
yes we are that cool , please hold the autographs till after this meeting, thank you.

will post some stuff and yes it is " Irish topic" related
had a nice or some nice articles about our psycho Duncan Stewart but cant find them online anymore, again the great purge has begun....
it gets harder and harder to find truth on the web or what s left of it
just saying
go back to sleep now
Sleep Sleep Sleep drunken cheers bom

response of the masonic control gird when you oppose the depopulation agenda...


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Re: The Irish Topic

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:54 pm

th February 2010, 01:47 PM

The Field Marshal 
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 Originally Posted by charley 
duncan stewart on highland radio a few minutes ago saying anyone who disagrees with climate change should not be given airtime ,why is this eco-fascist given airtime

Poor Duncan Stewart fell from a tree some years ago and banged his head on the ground.

He was badly injured, and ever since has exhibited totalitarian tendencies of the most alarming sort.

It is difficult ,even for those with all their faculties, to make any sense of the witches sabbath that surrounds the climate change debate.

How much more so for those whose mental balance is questionable.

The totalitarian stance is the power seekers platform based on an illusory notion of the popular will.
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Re: The Irish Topic

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