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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:38 pm
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'An introduction to the power of group meditation and the logic behind the upcoming "Messages in Water" event to be held at the Lough (in Cork southern Ireland).
Messages in Water is a group meditation and positive emotions event based on the teachings of Dr. Emoto, group intention and water consciousness. Where we get people of Cork to circle the Lough holding hands as part of a large group meditation surrounded by nature, for world peace, to create an awareness for suicides and show the importance of supportive united community.

Messages in water started as there were many suicides in the area and we wanted to unite the community and symbolically show that if anyone in Cork is experiencing negative emotions that there is a community who genuinely care and are only happy to help and support you.

Studies Reveal Group Meditation Can Lower Crime and Suicide Rates in Surrounding Cities' To be held on 31st July, Blue Moon.

I just contacted the organiser and suggested they gifted some bottles of selenite into the water at the same time, he thinks that's a brilliant idea. I will send him on some, unfortunately can't be there as I've something else on that day. Feeling happy. 

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Feeling inspired and even happier as the guy involved has come fully on board in relation to selenite, wants to focus on it at the meditation, wants to become a plaster pourer as soon as possible, I've arranged to make as many little hearts as possible and get them to him in Cork over the weekend, for distribution to more than 1000 people Friday 31st! I can see myself being busy. Such a lot of synchronicity in play this morning, stemming from one little post. He's equally happy and fascinated, because his name is Banks, (he has a huge connection with water) and was delighted to hear about all the selenite ingredients being connected to water.
Some quotes from him during our chat about selenite: 'I'm just pretty amazed, I'm looking forward to getting into the plaster work.' 'I'm laughing at the beauty of it all' . 'The world works in amazing ways in fairness'

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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:43 pm



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ah you know what the silly thing is , it happened intuitively
just like that
I did not think about it, it just happens



Incredible rubbish going on above me now, relentless aircrap, huge, bizarre.
They really do love us from their point of view
Today the sylphs battle around the clock non stop
hmmm maybe it is time to do it again, make a second BSB , why not
started at 6 am and still continues
four five going at once all the time there are about three or four of them no matter when you look up
more to come 
ps very exclusive tools of light you make lady J
do I see an old fashioned CB there too hehe
always nice
superb pieces[/size]

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 Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:23 pm


On Request ..the work of another newbee  Vicky 
brace yourself   


'Hi Jenny, just a very quick update from today's plasterite workshop. I'm glad I'v only started a small project, as it has been a long time, since I last played with plaster. I wanted to get all done, before children were back
All was well, but then, I thought somehow as I was pouring the plaster mix into the heart mould that it felt to runny. Me of course, just add handful more plaster, and before I knew it , it started to set, you should have seen me LOL pouring like mad. I tried to add a few shells and acorn caps, I just about managed. 
The heart got most of the mix, it came out beautifully, added shell, seaweed and Diatomaceous Earth. 
The energy it emit, is peaceful and lOveLy smile emoticon I'm going down the road now, to see, if I can find a cone. How much plaster will one cone take, and do you do one pour only, and can you do several.'

Vicky Part 2

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Hey I love the big heart
its gorgeous
what do you say "they dont all like " ??
who doesnt ????....   ...Great work Vicky....Thanks for sharing
On a side note, I see you used a lot of good ingredients, like Nori, a sea weed, etc, etc
good salt, good sand, even some other interesting materials.Well, if you cant find one , a cone abandoned somewhere, just use a thicker plastic sheet, I do it often now, like one meter by a meter, about three foot, and curl it up so you get that conical shape, tape it up, and you have a big ice cone thing and you can fill it up with the mix.
Actually you can decide how the shape will be by manipulating the sheet, works great...but use enough tape and make sure it is sturdy plastic, the hard to bend type or you ll have to do a serious cleanup.


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 Fri Jun 12, 2015 8:13 pm


I am loving all the photos  Here are my 1st four all painted up and ready to be gifted to The Peoples Support Center in Wexford  I so enjoyed painting them, listening to music, really chilled experience.


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Really totally astonished, really am, open mouth here, big wow, zero to hundred in five seconds eh Juliet, wow
you do really great, all of you, it not just flattens the chemtrailing to a large area, that s the obvious part of it, it also has so much more to offer
in so many ways, as I do all experimentation myself it takes some time to get through it all but at least my results do have a solid base , you progress much faster
and bring it into this world with great success and gratitude. Lot of intentions went into those beautiful pieces, they are strong, very strong, hard to believe you just made them like that
Serious punchers with a lot of love in it, obvious, you even finished them with attention to it, nice of you to do so, at my workplace there was a total white out due to the geo engineering , just a nice word of dumping toxins on us, all for the greater good you see....pffff
but in my city the sylphs kept dancing and the sky is nice again here, really powerful method it is , the natural way
and so easy to make , save, cheap, funny and artistic can be yes, and the biggest thing is the gifting once you get hooked on that there is no stopping hahaha
the good energy or life force energy works in many ways, also knocks out the radiation we are soaked in nowadays, plasterite does achieve that just as well
I did not know that as a few years ago there hardly was much information on such topics, like using it to neutralize the cell towers and other sources that are not so good for us to put it mildly. It works great, even in small quantities.

The things I see here are so powerful
the cone itself would be more than enough for that task
if you can get it close to the center
thank you


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Thanks, a lot of love in there, apparently 179 million bovis. Really enjoying channeling my energies into this project, the whole experience makes me calm.

DSC_00056.JPG (122.54 KiB) Viewed 297 times

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yep it s like that, high energy output, just unbelievable, so pure and goes right into the spiritual one might say
bypasses the limitations of "old orgonite" so to speak...well, I made some goodies too, also the Irish plasterite is finally dried completely, colors softened, the Irish hearts I used to decorate my freshly painted garden wall...this time Italian look, and look at the blue covers it , hardly, goes beyond that, sure they keep doing their nasty work but does not manifest here....cannot be and it will not be here....selenite pumps like no tomorrow and no matter how many of these stupid chemtrails they whip us with , it s no match.It is as simple as that...Often comes close to magic the difference is it is truth not a trick or whatever
just facts we are dealing with know like eh....179 million bovis , to name a few ..hahaha...good work lady !!!
soon you will be addicted to the good energy, selenite is very effective so it is masculine also, believe you has big ..well you know what...but the way the energy manifests itself , the technique is very feminine, almost romantic , like a invisible hand pushing the crap in the sky aside...without the sting of old orgonite and with much much more power works on a much higher scale.............even safe for kids , I Love that part, the safety of it all, glad you galls caught on , thanks to the tremendous good work of Jenny, big hurray 
there you go...always the individual eh Jenn, always , that s the last hurdle...they control all the rest anyway....just not the individual..a big thing on the UN agenda
to flush out individualism forever...more blue sky for Ireland and Scotland....for free....everything counts , so please continue the work you do with awareness, it is also of utmost truly matter how powerful our tools of light are, there are more angles to keep chasing those morons who push the agenda....dont give them rest

good work  



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Love love your greens, great work, I tried with paint into moulds, not as successful, came out with paint still soggy, had to smear it with my fingers, ah no, changed my mind, liking them, will send a photo. Trying to learn from Sensei, plenty of room for improvement, B+ maybe?[/size]
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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:57 pm
 Post subject: Re: THE IRISH TOPIC
Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 6:31 pm 
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2016-05-06 18_31_04-“Fintona” and other poems by Aine MacAodha – Poethead.jpg [ 20.24 KiB | Viewed 59 times ] 

“Fintona” and other poems by Aine MacAodha

Windowless church

My church has no windows
in fact it has no doors either
and to be fair no altar
it has no ordained minister
or priest or gospels.
Its in my heart, in
the starry sky
the moon shining over the land
its the planets in our solar system
the sun when it shines or not
its the foods god/creator
left us, berries, leaves, nuts
my church has winter winds that
cut to the bone and to enlighten
I have the sweet smell of roses
as I follow the seasons.
It is bog cotton waving on an
early Autumn evening as the
sun bids farewell.
On nights like these
dark and Irish wintery
the familiar trees and hills
become ancient septs
ready for battle with the ether.
Fields caped in winter fog
appear as crafted cities of the dead
souls roam among the rushes
in search of utopia or a home.
Trees scan the darkened horizon
the wind calls out names too and
winter hangs around like a threat.
This is my church.


It’s the end of April.
Spring late this year
begins its infinite ascent
to the tips of the cherry tree
birds come by often
a come-all-ye in the front garden
their songs reach an inner place
like listening to Franz Haydn
his strings reaching out
from centuries past making clear
contact in a podcast
channelling his toils and efforts
an artist whose initial struggles
with mind, soul, pocket
rise and fall with each
strike of the bow
altering my thoughts on outer things
a distraction, like the bird song often
heard in my childhood estate longing
for far flung horizons.

Stone circle alignments

They invite soul connection
invoke an energy of some sort
long past histories underfoot.
Early man was quite the architect
aligning the stones in such a way
that at equinox and solstices
sun rises to light up the passageway.
A seeking brings people here
an ancient longing that needs met.
Creevykeel court tomb is a full tomb
the largest in Ireland.
Tievebaun Mountain seems to guard it
shadows come and go with the sunsets.
we don’t give ancient man enough credit
for the science they carved into the landscape.


Or to give it its’ town-land meaning
A fairly coloured field.
A small country town, familiar, friendly.
one can see the whole shopping street
from left to right without shifting a foot.
There is a jewel though
a hidden forested area
where a raised fairy fort stands
once druids conferred their words
in praise of nature.

There too I find the remains of a
burnt out wreckage of a car
perhaps stolen years ago left now for
mother nature to clear up which she did
wrapping her briars in and through the doors
designing the broken glass with her leaves.


Sun slants in through the venetian blinds
dust particles float in the narrow space
books, a pen, Sundays newspapers
and a mobile phone cling on the quilt cover.

Its 9.30am Spring has come, crisp April air
drifts in from the ajar window, it will soon be
Summer again, warmth of the sun rejuvenates.

I wander the halls of my mind on wakening
sieve through last nights dream
catching broken pieces of a story or place
and wondering all day if it meant something.

Fintona and other poems is ©️ Aine MacAodha
These poems have been published in the online journal Episteme, Vol. 4(1), June 2015 under the section IRISH POETRY | Web address |

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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:04 pm

DSC02055.JPG [ 211.11 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02057.JPG [ 361.56 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02060.JPG [ 395.35 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02062.JPG [ 382.94 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02066.JPG [ 407.52 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02071.JPG [ 390.95 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02074.JPG [ 302.45 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


DSC02077.JPG [ 501.42 KiB | Viewed 381 times ] 


 Post subject: Re: THE IRISH TOPIC
Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:04 pm 

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yes, lady Jennifer
I saw that 
At the moment doing some work on Schauberger, for those who might be interested
as that s one of the ways our good man in Germany came up with the concept of working with nature in regards to breakthroughs in the life force energy field in advancing the whole thing. If one goes into the work , the documented research of folk like Schauberger but also Reich, one comes up with amazing ideas and new ways of looking at things, things you usually don't hear too much about in the " orgonite " community as not all information presented " fits the bill" as they say. They both worked with nature, also an issue that is often overlooked etc etc
Most folk nowadays when they hear the name Reich immediately get "nudged" into this metal resin hoopla, the dogma
whereas those people fought AGAINST the system, the dogma. Kind of ironic once you think about it. Reich did work with organic-an organic, etc
but that is just one side of the story
there are many more chapters who rarely are touched upon
because they don't fit the bill
they don't fit into the dogma, the $$$ every ruling dollar dogma.

I had several discussions with the wonderful creative person from Germany about such topics
Things are not always what they seem in this world
Anyway, will post those things in the personal opinions section.

Will also have to work here to get rid of the naughty emoticons 
as, thanks to mr Duncan...wink wink...we had to stack up a bit .....
but that s been done, so the wild emoticons can go now....

Nice of the new members to join


And again, I do mention, this is a free forum , folk can speak out their opinion as they see right
that s as I always thought the whole point of a forum
but we know that is usually not the case as often certain agendas pop up and start to take over
we have no agenda
except from making the world a better place using tools of light and good work
that s all there is to it
and we do very well in that field I mention.
Again, thanks for joining, take your time if you like
we wont push anyone to post
the point is to share good information from multiple angles
different views because good decisions can only be made if the person has all sides of a topic
without the usual omission that is so common nowadays not just in main stream media by giving only one side of the story
and guiding people into opinions.


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Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:29 pm 

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And a joyous Welcome.

Thank you Sunshine, for that amazing post regarding me, I was floored and very humbled by reading it. 

I have been playing quietly in solitude for a couple of years now since Josh's passing. He left a huge whole in my Universe when he sickened and lost his battle to cancer. We had been dear friends for years, our love of clear blue skies is what inspired a mutual friend to introduce us. Josh was an amazing man, truly a warrior for Love on our world. His dedication to Mother Earth was everything to him. He taught me so many lessons along the way, his inspiration always coming from Nature and the desire to improve the gifts and tools we might create to help keep our home clean.

I have numerous pieces around our home still, having not poured in probably three years now. I had so many pieces poured and awaiting painting, I simply stopped. LOL  

What I will share with you all, is something so very key and at the very Heart of what Josh came up with, with plasterite. 

As a Kick Ass Galactic Shaman, as Josh would laughing refer to himself at times, the most Sacred part of our Creations, is the knowledge and reverence, that in making such, we truly, are creating Life. Consciousness. It, consciousness, exists in all things. Everything.

Sitting upon the deck, adjoined to the front of Jacques's home, we sat one day, and silently, just together, slid into Oneness, with everything around us. Jacques looked at me, and asked me if I would join him in some tea. I nodded, still in rapture of the world around me. After he silently rose after nodding himself, I sat there and simply wondered. I could see each leave, every branch, small and large. Mother surrounded me in every direction. It was sublimely Heaven. I went into my Heart, and started to pour out, through my eyes, all of my Love, to everything I saw around me, and with each glance, from my Heart, I proclaimed quietly, I LOVE YOU, I SEE YOU, I KNOW YOU LIVE. I AM HONORED...... and suddenly, I was pulled invisibly from my body, and I was the leaf I was looking at, and I, as the Leaf, was bursting with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shook and vibrated, and I sent back to this MAN before me, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instantly, I rocketed around, to everything I had glanced upon, and the same happened, over and over again, rapidly. I then shot back into my body, and I was RADIANT. Tears poured down my face, so profound was this. Jacques, upon returning, took one look at me, and sat our tea down, wrapping me in his arms, crying, and said, "My boy, my boy! You have seen, and now you KNOW!! Oh my boy, you are now truly a Shaman, for you know the very secret of this Life. And that is, it is ALIVE, in every sense. A pencil, a car, a cloud, a chicken. Different forms of Life. Of God. Of the Great Secret. All are imbued with Source, ARE Source. So you must see them, address them, reverently and with distinction. In this, you give respect and acknowledgement of it's Divinity!"

So you see, we, as Creators, create through our hands, our desires and thoughts, and we bring into LIFE, a consciousness. Be that orgonite or plasterite, the TRUTH is, a new, baby, sentient Being is formed by you. Love it, talk to it, instruct it.... LINK it to you, if you are ready to go forward, with a piece of your DNA.... hair, nail clipping, tears, spit.... do so in Ceremony, bestowing a piece of you to forever link your Creation to you. Distribute anywhere, and you always can update / control through intention. OR, you can also imprint your energy upon a crystal before using as part of your Creation, and use that to instruct / upgrade your usage of piece(s). If doing that way, tie your crystals to one Master crystal that you keep. Label it if you wish.... Clear Sky Group 1.... I pretend I have a knob sticking out of mine that allows me to crank up the volume.... 

More advanced thoughts are with using Energy Bubble insertion into piece during curing. Cupping hands, see a blue bubble of Light coalescing between them, filled with Electric Blue Light! See it getting brighter and brighter, stronger and stronger. Hold this vision for twenty or thirty seconds, then instruct / program Bubble.... "Sole purpose is to provide clean, pure Life Force Energy to my Creation, Mist. Deactivation code is Earth. Program is LOCKED." Then drop, throw Bubble into curing Creation.... with LOVE and INTENTION! 

The more we Play, the more we learn and grow. And yes, you may ask Elementals or Slyphs to be care takers of your Creation.... **hint, hint**

Love and so much JOY to each of you!!!!!!!

Would love to connect with anyone desiring a session. First one is always free. For anyone here afterwards, just use the promotion code IRISH to get $50.00 off the normal session cost. 

Blessings and HUGS!


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Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 8:59 pm 

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Lots of gratitude for this wonderful post 


still have to digest it all ah...good work, so much going through me
good things, things we need so much, you send an amazing amounts of good healing vibes out
easy to spot , lots of joy and light there, and I think to myself if I continue this chosen path out of my inner will
an inner acceptance to just do good work while keeping my soul and eyes open to what s around us maybe, just maybe
one day I might come within distance to have that sort of " swing " you have in healing work
Very nice of you to give an example as for most of the affirmation group, s all a bit new to us
stepping somewhat out of the box here for most...some have to practice somewhat and some know the way to go already
there is something in it for everyone of us. 

When I first came across all of this I knew right away I was tapping into something big, the only way forward is for the person to have an open mind 
go for love and intention and take a rise on the wild horse so to say, can be frightening at first, well just trust the horse and be open and respectful to it that s all it takes. Tested all this by myself over a couple of years and it s all true even though at first, when I first went into this side of life
I thought often ah that cannot be, that s ...exaggeration, etc etc, but it is all true
every word of it that has been spoken about these methods, their effects and their benefit to ourselves and those around us

Yes I do support the idea, most folk are somewhat reluctant of doing a healing session I do understand that 
There is nothing wrong with that
I was like that myself a few years ago, this " nah that s not for me" like most folk are
immediately assuming there is " something wrong" with me
but that is not as it is
but that is how most folk see it
in the wrong light
I would really wholeheartedly suggest a healing session to anyone
simply anyone
even if it is just to see what it does
if it is for you or not, so to say
lots of benefits 
and let s be honest in the times we go through now a healing session surely wont hurt
lets put it mildly here
very mildly...  

As we all have been " infected'" by the reality given to us by the system as I call it
which is only a fraction of what s really out there to experience.
I only know one must , if desired to know, really go for it and manifest it, actually do it, making the tools of light, sending out the good vibes
always ask nature
ask permission , ask guidance, insight, ask them to show more reality
I was stubborn too before I washed ashore on orgonite plus hehehe
but I am glad I went for it, big BIG improvement of my life
big changes
with not too much help basically
just one step at a time
Nature , the spirits around us, for lack of a better word show us a lot
once we start to listen
usually I ignored that but now I just let it roll 
there is so much in this
but it can only fully be experienced by the individual themselves
it cannot be taught to understand
one can be shown the road but one has to travel it by themselves
no shortcuts allowed, it just does not work that way

Great post Tony
real good dynamite hehehe
thank you

We must be so
we have no choice
There is no other way
I do it too
But I cannot explain it so marvelously as you do
but that s what we do, what I do , especially during gifting trips
most people have no idea, it is not a mystery, it is working with the powers around us that are there to help us
it is real, very very real

Nice of you to share an experience with Jacques or Josh as we called him
what a man, the real deal there
the real deal
what an honor he shared it with us as we were in the dark on a lot of things
his sharing attitude to help us all
to find the endurance, the patience with us all, also lots of respect for people as most had never dealt with those topics
before. The same applies to all good men and women who are on the good path
each in their own way

Love the way you present it!!!
very understandable
very to the point
Now I even smile

A healing session is like reloading the battery 
re balancing
Thanks again for your wonderful eye opening post Tony
now it is almost time , few minutes so must do the affirmation connection now
getting better at it


 Post subject: Re: THE IRISH TOPIC
Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:27 pm 

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Jenn and Aine this session went very well, much better than the first one as we all are new to this, well most of us are
The first session was emotional for us as things happened and sort of left a stain on the whole thing, understandable.
This one was amazing, total focus and energy flow, very pleasant, why did we not come up with this earlier, ah ..
So strong , takes a little practice but than it works well
I asked for protection in this one, also for other things, but mainly that
as there is a lot thrown at us, the aware people out there, all of us basically one way or another
as the planet is pulled from all sides by the cabal
This one was good, I use only about ten minutes to get the message across

Protection is a flag that covers a lot , also goes into stability, grounding, balance again
so we don't let us become leaves in the nwo wind...
Call it what you want, call it this call it that
just words
but there is a meaning behind it
Yvonne calls it meditation
OK, call it that
does not matter, just words
the inner goals we want matter
what also helps , I got that from lady M , my healer, is to drink lots and lots of water during a session, it helps, it just helps
and sometimes take deep breaths, do deep breathing, not too long, just a couple of times
it strengthens the whole thing
Anyway it was a very good session, prepared for it better than the last time
took my two newest cones and there you go
this is nothing new
People like Eric Raines touched upon that much much more early than me
He is a very good man
I have to work my way through it all to understand
physically test these tools of light and feel the manifestations of it all
than I understand
Never had to explain much to Eric
also a healer, such amazing folk
before I ended the sentences he already made his first broadcaster
30 meter cable and more than a meter high , just like that
such people do exist
he is also a very funny person
and he helps folk out with these methods
he helps folk , he is probably also in your affirmation group on FB
wise choice Jenny
our weekly happy moment so to speak
projecting this energy on good things that bring us further
and we all know we need it more than ever before.

Maybe a good idea to bring up the topic of shaman, medicine man, again, just words, describing something or in some way what takes place here, each of us working in their own specialized areas
we feel most comfortable with , have the most expertise in, gained through training and insight over time.
As Tony mentioned once you work with these methods , the natural methods we prefer, knowledge and understanding will be shown to the searcher of truth as that s basically what we all are
searchers of truth.

Nor does it matter whether it is a Celtic healer , druid, shaman, teacher , helper call it what you want, or some sort of Native American, it all comes down to the same topics.

Maybe in order to brush it up a little definition wont hurt too much
Also, funny topic, a healer has to be paid !!!    
Because a healer gives you something and you should give something in return, this balance thing again
in the old days you could give him or her natural things you were into, if you were a hunter you gave him a rabbit or something or fish
or if you were more artistic and make leather stuff or jewelry you can give him or her a piece of that
but now , for some time , we live in a world of money , so nowadays you give money to a healer
as the healer gives you a lot in return, believe you me
even if a session would cost 500 dollar it would still be , in compare to the gains, ridiculously cheap
A healer is not in for the money, but things have to be balanced
it is very important

Medicine Man or Woman

The Native American Medicine Man. Discover facts and information about the culture of Native American Indians and their belief in the concept of Shamanism and the role of the Medicine Man

The Medicine Man and Native American Indian tribes
Definition of a Medicine Man
The Medicine Man and religious beliefs
Interesting facts and information about Medicine Man, Shamanism and the culture, legends and beliefs of Native American Indians

Native American Culture
Native Indian Tribes Index

Medicine Man
Definition of Medicine Man: What is Medicine Man? A Medicine Man is a priestly healer and spiritual leader of Native American tribes who believed that physical nature might be brought under the control of man, in the person of a Medicine Man. Native American tribes adhered to a range of beliefs, ceremonies and rituals regarding communication with the spiritual world in which their religious leader enters supernatural realms particularly when the tribe is facing adversity or need to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community including sickness.

Medicine Man Mystery
The word 'medicine', associated with the Native Indians, means mystery and this word was applied by Europeans to anything mysterious or unaccountable. The Native Indians do not use the term 'Medicine Man' but in each tribe they have a word or term of their own construction that is synonymous with mystery or mystery man. Their principle deity, the Great Spirit, is also referred to as the Great Mystery.

The Medicine Man and Native American Beliefs
The Medicine Man is believed to have a spiritual connection with animals, supernatural creatures and all elements of nature. Spirits were believed to inhabit the rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, plants, sky, stars, sun, animals, insects, fish, flowers and birds. The belief and practice of Native American Indians incorporates a number of beliefs such as Animism, Totemism, Shamanism, Fetishism and Ritualism. These beliefs, taken as a whole, have strong religious connotations. This belief system, and the role of the Medicine Man, is particularly associated with primitive cultures of hunter gatherers who believed that every natural object is controlled by its own independent spirit, or soul.

The Medicine Man - Good and Bad Spirits
There were good and bad spirits. The good spirits helped men and the bad spirits were liable to wreck havoc and harm on people and their tribes. It is the bad spirits that cause trouble, suffering, sickness, death and disease. When a man became ill it was believed that a bad spirit had entered his body and taken his soul away. It is therefore not surprising that the Native Americans would wish to gain power over these spirits. If a Medicine Man had control over the spirits he became extremely powerful. A Medicine Man would know protective chants and words and have a special knowledge of objects which he carried in a Medicine Bag and would disarm bad spirits and protect their owners. This type of knowledge is what the Native Americans mean by “medicine” or “mystery.” The Native Americans who spent their lives in trying to gain such knowledge are referred to as Shaman, medicine people, mystery men, or a Medicine Man.

The Role of the Medicine Man
The Medicine Man used appropriate words, chants, objects, dances and rituals to protect men from evil spirits - his role is that of opponent to the bad spirits and of guardian to the ordinary man. The role of the Medicine Man differs from tribe to tribe as there are some regional and tribal variations to their beliefs in Shamanism. There are, however, several common roles that are shared by every Medicine Man. A Medicine Man was a healer, communicator, educator, prophet and mystic:

The Medicine Man was a strong communicator and provided help and advice to members of the tribe, for which he / she was paid
He was an educator and historian, the keeper of myths, legends, traditions and tribal wisdom
The Medicine Man was a healer. He possessed supernatural Spiritual Healing powers and the ability to treat sickness caused by evil spirits - hence the Westernised name 'Medicine Man'.
The Medicine Man was a prophet. He had the ability to perform various forms of prophecy
He was a mystic and possessed the ability to leave the body and communicate with the spirit world

In many tribes, including the Cheyenne and the Sioux, the Medicine Man also had the role of the head warrior or war chief which made him the most influential man of the tribe.

Picture of a
Pawnee Medicine Man

The Equipment of the Medicine Man
A Medicine Man was equipped with a number of objects that helped him to communicate with spirits in other worlds. They used dances, gestures and sounds as the symbolic powers of Medicine Man to enter the spirit world. The means and powers by which the Medicine Man practised his role included:

Knowledge of the Trance State and the use of trance-inducing methods and techniques to go on vision quests and incite tribe members
The use of symbolic regalia and sacred objects such as the calumet, or pipe, in Medicine Shamanistic ceremonies and rituals
Wearing ceremonial clothes, such as amazing costumes worn by the Medicine Men Skinwalkers
The Medicine Man of some tribes also used masks that were believed to hold spiritual powers and would identify them with the spirits in other worlds and activate their powers.
Symbolic magic, incantations, prayer sticks, feathers, war dances, rain dances and hunting dances with the use of rattles and drums to incarnate the spirits of nature and amplify their power
Fasting and cleansing rituals
Rite of Passage Rituals - where he advised on the significance of the Power Animal revealed on a or on a Spiritual Journey or in Vision Quests and provided sacred contents to be placed in Medicine Bags
War Paint: Medicine Men often chose certain markings and symbols for warriors during the application of the War Paint. This afforded the wearer with 'Magic' for power and protection by drawing on natural powers and combining these with the power of the warrior


where-white-men-went-wrong.jpg [ 62.5 KiB | Viewed 364 times ] 

What is Celtic Shamanism?

Shamanism is found across the whole world, and its practice spans many thousand years. Pre-dating all organised religions, it nonetheless has common threads of practice which unite shamans of all nationalities and all times, from the most distant past to the present day. There is some evidence to suggest that humans were practicing forms of shamanism as far back as the Palaeolithic, and certainly evidence for Mesolithic and Neolithic shamanism is widespread and in many indigenous cultures today it not only survives but is experiencing a resurgence. It is a primary and primal form of communicating with spirits and the spirit world, of understanding and interacting with the universe. By becoming a ‘walker between the worlds’ the shaman, acting as messengers and intermediaries between the mortal world and the realm of spirits can bring wholeness, protection, healing and knowledge direct from the spirit realm for use by all their community or tribe. 

There are many traces of shamanism being practiced in ancient Britain, such as the cave paintings in Cresswell Crags which date from 13,000 years ago in the upper Palaeolithic era. Shamanic relations with the spirit world can also be seen in the construction of the many Neolithic barrow mounds, stone circles, standing stones and processional ways that are scattered like gems across Britain and Ireland, and in the additional archaeological evidence that is often discovered at such sites, in the positions of burials and the deposits of ritual offerings, for example. These Shamans were the ancestors of the later Celtic shamans, who wove aspects of the Celtic culture from Europe into their practices and way of life, in turn evolving into the druids, known and feared by the Romans until their suppression in the 1st Century CE. European druidry was said to have is roots and power base in Britain, where the most powerful druids practiced, and after the Romans many British and Irish druids converted, at least in name only, to Christianity and became monks for survival and the recorded preservation of their lore, which was once preserved only orally. Today Celtic shamanism draws from the wisdom, practices and beliefs of our Celtic ancestors, which was recorded by these Christianised druid monks, and by the druid schools themselves which survived in numerous forms until the mid 18th century. In addition to this, archaeology continually provides more and more evidence of Celtic and earlier British and Irish shamanism, as does folk-memory. A great deal of lore, traditional cures, tales and practices have been handed down orally and have survived to modern times where they are now being recorded and form an ever increasing body of knowledge which has its roots in our ancient pagan past.

Celtic pagan culture and shamanic lore has been both unfortunate and very lucky. Whilst Christianity and the Roman conquest decimated much of Britain and Ireland’s indigenous culture and spirituality, much of what was preserved survived with only obvious and easily removable overlays of Christian sentiment and Roman propaganda. Thus we are left with a lore of two halves, one being the voices of the conquering culture and religion, and the other containing the clear traces of our indigenous ways. These two halves separate easily in most cases, leaving those who try to unearth the ancient knowledge of our ancestors a relatively easy task. Much knowledge and wisdom can be gained by working actively with our native mythology for example, such as the tales of Taliesin, Cu-chullain, Bran, and Cullwch and Olwen, all of which are known to have their roots far back in pre-history. Our ancient indigenous shamanism can in this light be seen as the logical mother of Druidry and the later magical practices of Ireland and the British Isles, through Saxon wizardry, to cunning men and wise women and traditional Witchcraft to influencing many forms of Wicca today. All through these run the practice of communing with spirits, and traversing the Otherworld, of working with spirit allies and elementals, contacting and understanding the powers of the land, and applying these gifts in the mortal world, in a way which is distinctly British and Irish. Whilst no spiritual practice remains unchanged over centuries or millennia, with diligence and clear thinking, as well research and the promptings of spirit, our own Celtic form of shamanism takes shape once again in a useable form that is both ancient and consistent with our heritage, as well as being relevant for our lives today. 

At the heart of all modern magic, is the shaman, and the Celtic shaman, like the ancient British and Irish shamans before them, understood the central importance of good relations with the spirits which surround us. They recognised, like shamans all across the world today, that the mortal soul is a spirit in its own right, in need of sustenance and support form the spirit realm, and sometimes in need of protection and retrieval from it, in times of sickness, trouble or disempowerment. At such times, a walker between the worlds is essential as an ambassador and warrior, as well as a healer, standing for the human need amidst the spirit realm, facing the numinous as a pioneer and guardian of the human soul. Unlike New Age shamanism, or Neo-shamanism as it is sometimes called, Celtic shamanism recognises the dark and perilous side of the spirit world, as well as within human and all mortal nature. Central to the shamans work therefore is the attainment of allies, of guides and guardians from the spirit realm to help the shaman in their work. These are relationships based on trust and mutual assistance, at least in the Celtic tradition, where many allies are called ‘cousins’ or ‘co-walkers’, benefiting from the exchange of experiences. Thus when a shaman works with an ally that is a salmon for example, they experience life as a salmon and learn their ways, and the spirit salmon in turn experiences some of the life of the shaman. This is known as shape shifting. Allies, like any spirits, can be of any form, from animal, ancestor, to weather front, plant or tree, or indeed spirits that have no foundation in the physical world at all. 

Many allies in the Celtic tradition are Faerie allies, and the influence of the Faery tradition and ancient Faerie beliefs in the British Isles shouldn’t be underestimated. Indeed there are clues going back thousands of years that the Faerie races have played a massive part in shaping the tone and flavour of British and Irish spiritual practice, and the Faerie Faith as it is sometimes known, underpins much of our indigenous spiritual lore. Today Celtic shamanism also revives many of these ancient and largely forgotten or hidden practices, like a yew tree re-growing and finding renewal from its roots. As our modern culture is changing, more and more genuine seekers are discovering the bones of our indigenous spirituality and are re-membering and reclaiming the remaining knowledge of our old ways so that having survived the lean times Celtic shamanism is once again finding renewal and being practiced by larger numbers than it has for centuries.

The mythical Milesian shaman-druid Amergin, used shape shifting and an invocation of his allies as the spirit of Ireland in the famous ‘Song of Amergin’ in which he defeated the old gods, the Tuatha de Danann in order for the Milesians to invade and begin the mortal human period of Irelands history, mythologically recorded as 1268 BCE.. The Dananns in turn retreated to the Otherworld, to become the Faery race, known in Ireland as the Sidhe. The ‘Song’ was written down in the 9th century as part of the Lebor Gaballa Erenn, the Irish ‘Book of Invasions’ although it is likely to be far older. It is thought to have been recorded from the oral tradition where it was known in proto-goidelic as a fragmented form of an even older magical spell which went back an additional thousand years, and maybe even further

Am gaeth i m-muir
Am tond trethan
Am fuaim mara
Am dam secht ndirend
Am séig i n-aill
Am dér gréne
Am cain lubai
Am torc ar gail
Am he i l-lind
Am loch i m-maig
Am brí a ndai
Am bri i fodb fras feochtu
Am dé delbas do chind codnu
Coiche nod gleith clochur slébe
Cia on co tagair aesa éscai
Cia du i l-laig fuiniud gréne
Cia beir buar o thig tethrach
Cia buar tethrach tibi
Cia dám, cia dé delbas faebru a ndind ailsiu
Cáinte im gai, cainte gaithe

in English

I am the wind on the sea
I am the stormy wave
I am the sound of the ocean
I’m a stag of seven tines
I am the hawk on the cliff face
I am the sun's tear
I am the beautiful flower
I am the boar on the rampage
I am the salmon in the pool
I am the lake on the plain
I am the defiant word
I am the spear charging into battle
I am the god who put fire in your head
Who knows the secrets of the Unhewn Dolmen ( lit. Who make smooth the mountain’s stones )
Who knows the age of the moon
Who knows where the setting sun rests
Who took the cattle from the house of the warcrow
Who pleases the warcrow's cattle
What bull, what god created the mountain skyline
The cutting word, the cold word

or there are many sacred songs, but one above all, the first one to be sing on the Emerald Island.
Years after the Tuatha Dé Danann establish their kingdom in Éire, a new invasion takes place. The elders talk about the Milesians, the first Gaelic people who put a foot in that island.
Amergin was his leader; he was the dreamer, the wisdom one, a Bard, a Druid, a man of the forest and knowledge.
When this new invasion take place, The Dagda invokes his powers to repel the strangers, he sunk the ships, he pray to the winds to don’t let this people in.
So, within the waves, within the ocean and the mists, Amergin sail, sail to the new lands, he departures from the coast of Hispania, where the time for his people had passed. Amergin invokes the elements and the words mark the start of the battle over sovereignty of the Land.
The magic of the Druids take its most powerful form when came in the form of a song, a song who invokes the forest, the sea, the sky. The words of wisdom, the words of power, the cutting word, the cold word.

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Oh some wonderful posts yesterday, it was lovely to read Tony's story, shades of Don Juan, such a confirmation of the beauty of Jacques and what a loss his death is. The experience is still obviously crystal clear in your mind Tony. Thank you too for describing your thoughts and intentions as you pour, if it's alright with you I'd love to share the idea of the Blue Bubble onto some of the Plasterite pages? I'll read it closely and it will help my and other pourers' focus very much I'm sure.

Also love the post about Shamanism, having done a Shaman course last year, it resonated with me very much.

I don't know how many people participated in the affirmation session last evening, but at the start I asked that anyone who had expressed an interest would be joined in, so I hope that helped. Let's keep it up and see how it goes. It seems as though you, Sunflower, have an affirmation almost complete, looking forward to that happening. In haste.
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Re: The Irish Topic

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I made contact with Lady Catherine yesterday. The last we saw each other or talked was after Jacques funeral service. She had called me a couple of days after the service, so that I might consider returning to Asheville to rescue Jacques dog Shima Girl. Shima is a mix between Pit Bull and Dalmatian, and was rescued from the shore of the French Broad River, after some heavy flooding back in 2000. She was nothing but skin and bones, but Jacques had her healthy in no time. Upon my return to Asheville to get her, I noticed her ribs were sticking out and she was very weak. She had bleeding ulcers on her underside, eventually getting her some surgery after they found Cancer in her breast area. Shima Girl now has six kids and one grand child to watch over, and she is deliriously HAPPY most moments!

Catherine mentioned it had been a very tough couple of years, I know she went through quite a bit while Jacques was sick... he fought her tooth and nail in his determination to battle the cancer through alternative methods.

Her painting of the plasterite was always my very favorite thing to behold. The Energy of the Creations was always awesome. By naming and painting each piece, they "seemed" to take on a Life of their own.... literally! 

What I would share today is something Josh and I discussed at length in our never ending quest to find better ways to Create, and better ways to use what Nature has provided us with.... So in that vain, one thing my dear friend was always fascinated with, was the occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence in Nature. He would find pine cones and put them in his plasterite. He would use the caps from acorns too! Together, we had studied and marveled at different possibilities with utilizing the benefits of CSE.... or Cavity Structural Effect. A bee hive is the best example of CSE. But you can find that even a small acorn cap could produce the same effect. And when placed within the plasterite Creation, I could feel the CSE acting like a carrier wave, for the highly structured Energy from the plasterite! Amazing!  Here is a link if anyone is unfamiliar with this concept..... size sea shells often made their way into Josh's creations too!

We always looked for help from Nature. One of the last things we were attempting to do, was to map out the Ley Lines in and around his property. Since these lines make up part of the Earth Grid, my thought was to use this "information highway" that held things together, and to basically bum a ride upon it! LOL So in theory, we find our Ley Line on our own property, through dowsing, and we find what I will call a Node, or Energy Center on the line. It would be THERE, that we would imagine placing our Creation, and instructing it to FILL the Earth Grid with it's higher vibrational frequencies.... Still on the draft board of things to do....  The other network we discussed that we might be able to tap into, is...... The Trees! 

Trees are Natural Orgone generators. In the right Light and circumstances, with the 
Sun behind a tree, you can see the Energy coming off of the tree, like a huge wooden antenna, broadcasting LIFE everywhere. Their roots often mingle and touch, they communicate in ways we are only starting to understand. Hugging trees is but one method of "feeling" something special from them. In thought, we would place our Creation within a hole or indentation of the tree, or simply put it near the base.... burying the piece would also work, but we might consider putting it in something water proof like a zip lock bag, depending on how large the piece is.... Probably perfect for some of the smaller molds we used, especially the  molds... 

In our various Creations, we often would "listen" to any suggestions that might pop in. In my making orgonite and plasterite, I would often use Essential Oils, Frankincense and Myrhh, in their gum form, even specially charged water or ORMUS. The fun part was sometimes, the additions made the Creation cure haphazardly, with lots of holes and irregularities! All part of the learning curve for us. Like Emoto, we would label either the water or plaster of paris, or both! The WORD is power itself, and can enjoin frequency to matter.

In closing, we often discussed and thought about exactly what we were trying to do with our Creations. We not only wished to have clear blue skies, but we wished to heal and help everything that lived, between us and sky. Everything that lived IN the sky. So we also wished to include healing frequencies to be broadcast as well. Keshe, the Iranian scientist that is taking the world by storm with his free energy systems, has introduced us to concepts of nano coating and GANS. Mayhap we may see even more cross polarization with his technology and ours? Itching to make some of his GANS and include it in some Creations! Check out some of the videos that are now out using his tech, there are pain pens and caps, and even coils being used in cars....

So many possibilities..... 

Blessings and HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for much for that fabulous post Tony, everything you say is so significant, beautiful. 

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 hehehehe Jenny said I d be surprised so I did follow her suggestion to take a look and yes
I do admit, hehheeh, totally flattened , I am not easily flattened , ultimately impressed but I am now LOL LOL 
Truly amazing
all of it 
Good work Tony    
Sunshine runs out of words very fast today   hahaha
also something we havent seen much of before!!!
didnt even know it was possible  
just gratitude 
speachless, smiling
I do feel humble now
and proud to say so
and that is very good
Very nice of you to share all this
as Jen says, everything you say and do is significant and beautiful
thank you

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Many, many thanks to Jenny Martel and Sunshine for "finding" me, and bringing me back into the fold, so to speak.... 

As I mentioned to Jenny earlier, the itch is becoming almost irresistible at this point, to get some things together and start pouring again!! And that, makes me infinitely HAPPY! I've lots of ideas that have been percolating around in my head for the last couple of years, but alas, my friend and mentor was no longer around to bounce them off, sadly. Perhaps with your permission and blessings, we can share together, here?

IF I was to start pouring today, I would really sit and think for just a few moments about what I've both read and learned these last few years. 

Off the cuff, here is my list of what I might need or include in such an endeavor....

New molds (anything goes!)
Sand (white if possible)
Charged Water (using any of numerous ways)
Essential Oils (Rose, Eucalyptus, Orange and Camphor)
Charcoal (ground, like you can buy at aquarium store)
Sprouts / Seeds / Sea Shells / Pine Needles, Cones, & Resin / Acorns 
Amber Resin / Frankincense Resin / Myrrh Resin
Big roll of Copper wire, either #18 or #24 gauge for coils
Small roll of .9999 Silver wire for wrapping of Crystals
Various small and large Crystals, Lemurian preferred but most anything will do...
Package of Bamboo Skewers (8 inches or longer)
Toy Plasma Ball with blue tooth or audio input
Healing frequency audio files
Bag of Kelp or Seaweed
Bag of Native American Organic Tobacco
Colloidal or Nano Silver

And last but certainly not least.....

Some Holy Water!

As you can see, I've got lots of ideas and possibilities with all of these different components. Not everything in this list might be used or incorporated into the Creation.

So you may ask, what the hell is ..... LOL

I'll start with some of the non standard items, just to give you an idea of why I included them.

Bag of bamboo skewers. I discovered, quite by accident, with Josh, that wood can and does transmit frequencies, very well! So the story is this.... we had done some shopping together, and we found a local craftsman that created wood goblets. So, we had him to make 3. After they came, based on their size and shape, Josh decided to fill in the bottom portion with some orgonite, Josh style. After filling the cups for a toast, and at the time, I was drinking lots of soda, I noticed that after my initial sip, that the soda was still fizzing away. In fact, the soda did NOT stop fizzing, until ALL of the fizz went away. So I tried to recreate the effect, measuring the cup diamater, length, etc.... I tried using only the orgonite with the granite chunks in it, small reaction, but no. I tried various other cup sizes and arrangements of stones and crystals, nada. Then I got a brilliant idea, and decided to cut a handy dandy skewer to the exact length of the cup, and I put this single skewer into a glass, filled with soda. It fizzed like crazy and didn't stop!! Aha and AHO! So, we can cut them to specific lengths so that they might act as an antenna of sorts.... 

Toy Plasma Ball with Blue Tooth. I have one for Healing usage. Yep! Paired it to my laptop. Running a program called Apollo on it. Bought some healing frequencies from Sound of Stars website. Play them through the Plasma Ball, while touching it, so that the Plasma is the carrier for the frequencies. Silly strong and powerful! Frequencies from this site sound like three cats, a pit bull, and some yarn dipped in Scotch, all decided to have a party..... black boards and finger nails ain't got nothing on these... but OH MY! Would use this to encode frequencies into something else on my list! Either the Essential Oils or Charged Water, perhaps! 

For those familiar with Josh's Life Pillows, then the Kelp / Seaweed / Tobacco will make some sense to you.... 

I could go on and on, but I hope you get the idea, that I don't think outside the box, there is no box! LOL

Having poured hundreds of Creations, I know when playing with Charged Water, you have to expect the unexpected. So in that vain, I might also borrow one of my girlfriends little dram size perfume samplers, empty it, and put something special, like the Charged Water, or Essential Oils, or any combo of, inside, so it doesn't make the curing go nuts.... 

More later, but at work now, so have to pretend I'm doing that.... too!

Blessings and HUGS!


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Just laughing out loud with excitement, what a breath of fresh air thanks Tony - can hardly wait to see what you produce (maybe better wait till after Christmas though, as I'm forcing myself to do.)

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Yes Jenny, perhaps after the Holidays have passed! LOL

After posting that, a few other items popped in, that I would include....

Neodymium Magnets (can be the tiny size, we are looking to establish / regulate our EMF through the crystal / crystalline matrix we Create in our pouring)

Honey (wild flower is best, Manuka is second best)

Maple Syrup ( the higher the grade the better)

So, with any of the fluid items I have mentioned, one drop is sufficient, but you can always dowse to find your optimum mixture. By dowsing, I mean that you might use a pendulum, if that is what you are familiar or comfortable with, or you might consider simply using your own body through muscle testing. I use the finger method. So, you hold one hand with forefinger and thumb closed in a circle, you take your index finger from the other hand, and you ask..... and then try to pull the two fingers apart. For me, if they fly apart, that is a NO. If they get firm and strong, inseparable, that is a YES! Ask if I should use One drop... If yes, then ask, if I should use Two drops! Stop when you get a NO, and go back to previous YES! TRUST your body and muscles!!!!!! 

We, saying that for myself and my Creation Group Above, wish you to realize how amazing POWERFUL we are, and by COMMANDING our Creations to OBEY our COMMANDS implicitly, we are not Tyrants, but focused and purposeful, Creators!

The Rose Oil, and the Rose itself, is believed to embody the Highest Vibrational level of all living matter. I think it is around 320Hz in frequency! We operate so much lower.... I am currently harvesting rose buds and making Rose Essential Oils, from them! I've planted twelve rose bushes over the last three years at our new home, and I'm taking the fresh blooms off of every color imaginable! More failures than success, until this last batch. But that's is how I learn, through experimenting.  No frustration or harm, simply trying what comes in....

I can't recommend enough for consideration something that was shared with me recently. I've bought both a Humidifier/Mister and a LED fogger barebones, to inundate my household with micro sized water / Essential Oil combination. Using either with Essential Oils, is lifting and clearing our entire house, on the most basic but profound levels.... Limone, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Turpentine, and Frankincense combined, possibly, can clear your home and living space, of ALL negative energy manifestations, whether critter, bug, or bacteria / viral assortments... Nano size of the water particles and Essential Oils, allow greater the area saturation! Effectively dealing with the changes in size and toxicity of the current exposures. 

Much Love and Big Hugs to the Group!!!


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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:18 pm
Re: Question/s ...
by josh » Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:23 pm

Anything that you can think of that be can a help for the highest ethics, gentleness, honesty,
fair dealing, joy, all wonderful positive attributes that can be broadcasted with a stone, with a
crystal (asking it to do that), or writing on paper (intents), you can put in the Plasterite, but
know that you will be broadcasting sometime very far, and you must be certain that what you
put in the Plasterite as well as the Orgonite, is exactly what you want
Here is another most powerful thing you can do, this was given to me by my friend Tony, a
very enlighten being; wrap your Plasterite with a long electric cord, plug it, then put both
hands on the wire coiled and pray, intent with as much feeling as you can..........
bout the "living" being, well yes the Plasterite is a living being, very feminine in nature, it is
not a lump of inanimate mater, you can go in and speak with her and ask what she like, she
knows exactly what she want and will guide you if you ask.....a beautiful being.

All of us must see the level where we are working, and it is there that the changes are the most
Something that I have been doing with success: rather than using the crystals per say, I take
all the crystals that I think can broadcast the appropriate characters, and I put them all in
"pillowed " water, I live them in the sun all the time and when I make the Plasterite , I take
1/4 cup of that water and put it in the plaster water, this gives me an homeopathic kind of
mixture stronger than the stones that I could put in it (just take a 1/2 gallon water jar, put your
stones in it, and live them in the sun, they would likely be ready to use after one single
afternoon in the sun, but I live them out all the time.

The pipe stone is truly from the blood of our ancestors from a long time ago, it is a long story,
yes it is, but I would not put it in to be broadcasted ,



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Will submerge myself into a creative challenging experience today  
did some preparation too
looking up designs, thinking about something with cherry blossom
very minimalistic but effective, I hope....

and...if it all fails, good chance...  ...just hmm use white paint and paint it over and start again  

Lots of helicopter visits
must be that three in one broadcaster pumping all the time
will do the affirmation moment
my little time in the week , call it what you like, call it this or that
but it works for me 


maybe post some ideas on what to accomplish
maybe I am overestimating myself on the creative level but I ll give it a try
trial and error
lots of errors probably maybe a little success too
we will see

maybe will use the bottle trick, will use smaller bottles for that not the 2 liter ones
you know....
just like NASA
if you cant make it ...... fake it .....  


ORIGINAL-Large-Abstract-Contemporary-Red-Cherry-Blossom-Tree-Oil-Painting-Thick-Texture-Gallery-Fine-Art-36.jpg [ 112.02 KiB | Viewed 204 times ] 


il_fullxfull_461272023_5e8c.jpg [ 494.15 KiB | Viewed 204 times ] 




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It went better than expected
rather pleased with the result
not too bad for a first time painting
never done this before

Used water based acrylic paint

For the tree just a sort of dark grey black
mixed with water to get shadow effects like you get on thick branches of trees

For the Blossom
I mixed midly three colors
fluor pink, violet, and silver

they were not thoroughly mixed so every time you put your brush in you get different effects, color shades
like in nature

Has to dry now , let s see how it ends up
until now it looks nice to me



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Phase II

the little ones also undergo treatment
one big one to go

maybe best to keep them in the same setup, feels good enough to me
like an avenue of cherry blossom

thinking about Burchfield, his energy paintings


maybe one day
not for now
one step at a time...



Paints used
[url= 3 - Acrylic Solution Brochure Low Res.pdf] ... %20Res.pdf[/url]

Earlier Trials from the last 2 years


DSC00018 (9).JPG [ 891.11 KiB | Viewed 156 times ] 




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Those painted cones are so lovely Sunflower, yes probably a good idea to continue with that oriental cherry blossom theme - 'Sakura' as it's known in Japan . You should have no difficulty in getting them into shops or offices (apart from taking your courage in your hands). They should really be sold as works of art. May I suggest putting those photos onto the 'Boutique'?



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Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 11:23 pm 

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And thank you , J, for your affirmation connection idea
it works out great
it really does
there is something to it I cant explain properly but it helps a lot
Hope the others get something out of it too

you are a great asset to all of this
we all play our part in this
you bring out the best in people
Tony is also a great help in that effort
giving great advice and insight

well as you see , the artwork also is good on smaller pieces
I used a lot of the surface
if you go for the fibonacci measurement one could use only 1 third of the area
and leaving 2 thirds open
that creates a stronger contrast and balance

ah well maybe we can do that
also, the energy pieces you have given as trials to shops , can I put those there too?



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That one third and two thirds sounds like the artist's dream, the Golden Mean. If you think the photos are good enough please add them. We need to have a 'catalogue'  Why can't I download your photos, I'd love to share them to some of the Plasterite pages?



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Jennymortell wrote:
Those painted cones are so lovely Sunflower, yes probably a good idea to continue with that oriental cherry blossom theme - 'Sakura' as it's known in Japan . You should have no difficulty in getting them into shops or offices (apart from taking your courage in your hands). They should really be sold as works of art. May I suggest putting those photos onto the 'Boutique'?

beautiful artistic and created I love these, one day!

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Re: The Irish Topic

on Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:21 pm

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Jennifer s christmas recipe on Quick Honey Christmas Cake Ring.

Ciste Nollag from “Irish Traditional Food” by Theodora FitzGibbon


Christmas cake_ Cakes_ Christmas Baking with SusieJ 2r.jpg [ 8.26 KiB | Viewed 227 times ] 

This is a family recipe dating from 1860, it is a very rich and toothy fruitcake

Nice idea to post the recipe for the Cake - it's from a good Irish Cookery Writer called Theodora Fitzgibbon, now passed away. I'll change it into metric.

From Theodora Fitzgibbon:

Quick Honey Christmas Cake Ring.

250 gms. butter, softened slightly.
200 gms soft brown sugar.
2 rounded tablespoons set honey.
5 medium eggs.
125 gms chopped mixed peel (do you know what that is - candied peel?)
75 gms blanched almonds slightly chopped.
125 gms halved glace cherries,
250 gms each of currants, raisins and sultanas (or can leave out the currants & increase the other amounts.)
270 gms plain flour.
1 level teaspoon baking powder.
1 level teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 level teaspoon cinnamon.
1-2 tablespoons whiskey, brandy or dark rum.

Grease a 30 cm ring tin (Bundt tin).. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C.
Put all ingredients except the spirit into a large mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon for 3 minute (or slowly in an electric mixer) Then add spirit. 
Sprinkle the greased ring tin with a little flour, shaking out any excess, then put the mixture in carefully, smoothing the top over well.

Bake in the centre of the oven for about 2 hours, covering the top loosely with paper or foil if it's getting too brown. Switch off the oven and leave for about 30 minutes before turning out carefully onto a wire rack. Then put on a plate, prick with a skewer and sprinkle over more spirit. (I used brandy). When well soaked, wrap in foil and store in an airtight tin.

And no J, not a clue what that is 
I doubt those " two tablespoons of dark rum" will be the end of it ...might expand a bit..but that just a guess on my part  
google to the rescue
yep found it, we have a word for it too but if you would pronounce it you d break your tongue
cant have that can we  
some sort of sugary fruit thingies it seems
often used in that sort of thing, bakery of that sort at christmas , here too.
merry christmas guaranteed hehehe



Fruitcake is an excuse and a method for eating fruit plump with whiskey, rum or brandy. In a traditional Irish or British fruitcake like this one, the fruit outweighs and outshines the minimal amount of cake that holds everything together. The cake is baked weeks before Christmas so that it can be "watered" with spirits. A finished 10-inch cake, covered with almond paste and royal icing, will weigh over 10 pounds. 

In Ireland and Britain, different recipes of fruitcake are baked and eaten throughout the year. There's the lighter Dundee Cake, and Halloween's Barm Brack, which is more of a yeast bread. Fruitcake in its current form dates back to the late 1700s, although its ancestors stretch back to the late Middle Ages. Then, as now, lighter, less fruity cakes were for everyday, and richer cakes for special occassions. 

This recipe makes an excellent Irish wedding cake. It was for Anne's wedding that I first made this cake. In Ireland, a friend bakes the couple's wedding cake. Her mother (her "mam") mailed me her own recipe, based on one by Theodora Fitzgibbon. Anne brought the hard-to-find ingredients like mixed peel and sultanas from Ireland. The cake received the stamp of approval from her native Irish family and the groom's native Philadelphian family. 

One secret is that Anne makes her own candied fruit peel. The fruitcake mix sold in American groceries horrifies her (as it does me). Rather than the stale, unearthly flavor of fruitcake mix, the home-candied peel has a strong, fresh citrus aroma and flavor. Genuine Irish "mixed peel" is an acceptable substitute (but homemade is best). The homemade peel made me a fruitcake devotee. 

Fruitcake should be served in small pieces.

•4 oz dried apricots
•6 oz glace cherries, rinsed and chopped
•1 lb raisins
◦1 pound sultanas
◦1 pound golden raisins
◦8 oz currants
◦8 oz raisins
•6 oz candied citrus peel ("mixed peel"), chopped
•4 oz nuts
•3/4 c whiskey
•2 oz candied ginger, chopped
•1 1/2 c butter, softened
•3/4 c sugar
•1/2 c brown sugar
•6 eggs
•3 1/4 c flour
•4 oz almonds, ground
•1 tsp pumpkin pie spice
•1/2 tsp nutmeg
•1/2 tsp salt
•rind of 1 orange, grated
•rind of 1 lemon, grated
•1 apple, cored and grated coarsely




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We are just heroes , all of us, by default.  
We are doing great, keep the vibes going J and all
keep the vibes going
I know it s rough out there and will get rougher
nothing new under the sun
nothing we cant handle
we just need more life force energy 
we are just starting up you see
next year we ll go for the ton
the show aint over till the fat lady sings right
haven t heard her yet so we do fine
it was a good year, really so
the best untill now for me
lots of breakthroughs
lots of new folk 
doing something good
each in their own capacity
learning curves
will think about sunday , making a wishlist thing

keep the awareness days going 
it is important
stay away from the green mafia
pump out lots of those plaster hearts
for the benefit of all
thank you

tá a fhios agat gan tú , bhean J , seo d'fhéadfadh riamh a tharla
go raibh míle maith agat
go leor de na buíochas




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Looking forward to you writing a few lines of affirmation, hope you can, it doesn't need to be earth shattering, just heartfelt. If it doesn't flow for you we will go back to Aine's again.
Saw your post in 'Personal Opinions' watching the video about Alex Jones, it seems as though it's impossible to believe anyone these days. I'm astonished that people I know that I'd consider fairly bright are seriously discussing the Flat Earth theory, and watching videos that try to support the theory. I'm afraid I'm inclined to laugh at them, and ask them is the earth therefore balancing on top of a very large tortoise as was believed at some stage As I said somewhere else a while ago, poor old Galileo must be turning in his grave. 

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