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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:20 pm

The Color of Thunder, The Sound of Lightening

Posted on July 28, 2011by Shaman Tony Geron
Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin!

(Lakota greeting meaning “all my relatives” or “we are all related”)

In my last Lodge sharing Medicine about Time, I pulled an old Apache horse trading trick on you, my unsuspecting readers: I gave you just enough to wet your appetite, knowing you would be clamoring for more.
Oh, you like my spotted horse?  This one will only cost you seven rifles and shells for each.
Oh, you would like more?  They will only cost you twenty rifles and shells for each!
Let us start with some obvious things, and yes, we will work our way South, once again!
Every facet of our daily existence is programmed around Time.  We have clocks to tell us exactly what the time of day is, both here and even half way across the world.  Why, we have Time calculated to the precise second using the Atomic Clock, as they used to call it. Now, you can go to multiple websites to “synchronize” YOUR time with the “official” time. Here is just one example:
Time is “displayed” at every turn, no matter where you are, you will always find a clock; digital display, sign or even “updates”, should you be listening to your radio.
Why, we actually use these clocks and this Time, to determine when we go to bed, when we arise each day, when we eat, so that we don’t lose “track” of Time, and be “late”.  Our jobs are defined by Time, we work a given schedule of Time to fulfill our contract or obligation with our employers.
No pound of flesh here, just your Time.
Imagine.  The whole world is run based on this concept of Time.
Expanding on that, we come up with a calendar system, to even further delineate our “passage” of this Time, marking our days, weeks, months and even years, by them.
One really good article I read in the last few months spoke about how we came to create this system of Time, based upon our planetary rotation, the rotation of the planet around our Sun, and defining these movements or passages through the use of an archaic system that sought to evenly divide these cycles into something “manageable”.
Ah, here comes our Time Management, yes?
Sadly, we have been hoodwinked, yet again.  Rather than allow ourselves to first develop and then embrace our own personal and individual Circadian Rhythm, we are forced to adapt and comply with the standards of this Time system.  If you are unfamiliar with what those rhythms are, here is a link to explain that a little better:
A proud nod to all Woman, who DO embody and run according to their monthly cycles.
There are some schools of thought that believe most of us are not honoring those rhythms, that we foolishly allow ourselves to tow the line with society, and ignore what our bodies need and want.
For instance, I am a night owl.  I hit my “peak” going into the late hours of each day. Ideally, I should be starting my day some hours before that peak, not 12 or so hours prior to it, that I now do.  Silly me!  And yet I am not unlike everyone else, for I have to work and live in a world where everyone else is “stuck” on Time!
OK, just where are you going with this, Spirit Walker?
Why, I’m glad you asked!
If you look around our world, you see either self or externally imposed systems that not only coral us all into mindless behavioral practices, but actually saddle us with a very huge misconception of how our lives progress, and ultimately end.
Your Time is up.  The clock has struck Midnight.  Better late than never.  The clock is ticking.  It’s a race against time.
Or the simple one that will stop any Man’s Heart instantly, when muttered from the lips of his Lady:
I’m late!
Any of those sound familiar?
Now that we are in this constructed maze that has been created, everything is measured and defined by our “Time” here, what we accomplish with our “Time”, and the never ending wondering of how much “Time” we each have left here.
Ah, now we come to the fun part.  If Time is really NOT real, doesn’t exist, is only some marker that delineates some passage or movement, then why do we grow “old” and die?
Hang on, I’m about to take a hard left and I don’t wish to loose anyone, have you thrown from the bed of this pick-up truck as we navigate some untraveled roads!
We first have to deconstruct and talk about some other considerations now.  Like, what the heck ARE we, and how does our living here on Mother Earth effect or change us?
As a practitioner of Energy Healing for some ten years now, my world view and perception of us, has completely changed.  I see us each as brilliant balls of Light, when I look using my Vision.
We are Energy.
We have current running in our bodies, electrical impulses that carry information through our brains and nervous systems, our muscles responding as well.  Hence the use of electrical stimulation for those recuperating from an injury to one of their limbs.  Even for restarting the Heart.  And oh yes, let’s not forget the more sinister use of shock therapy for our “touched” brethren.
On the physical level, this is also evident through scientific experimentation and validated studies.  We know that we each physical carry a small micro current, generated through our movement and the electro-chemical reactions occurring in our bodies constantly.  We also now know that our cells have a “charge”, and once that cell starts to deteriorate, and doesn’t either replicate itself and die, or heal itself, that it starts to diminish in it’s ability to function, and this diminished energy starts the basic decaying route for the very organs and tissues they make you, you!
To take it one step further, when we look at our Mother Earth, we see the polarity and duality displayed openly before us.
Two Magnetic Poles.  Two Hemispheres.  Earth and Sky.
That last one is the most important in this discussion.  If our Mother Earth is “ground”, then the opposite would be Sky as “positive”.  This would imply somethings I should further touch upon, but quickly, when you say I am grounded, you are saying you are firmly rooted into the Earth, being “rock solid”.  Emotionally grounded, level, clear, calm, at peace.  OK.
Sky.  Pie in the Sky, Sky High, Head in the Clouds, etc. all describe a different condition or polarity.  Positive is now possibly seen as not in touch with “reality”, what us “grounded” folks deal with, day to day.
If you were to search online for some ideas regarding how in truth, there is a “potential” difference between the ground, Earth, and the atmosphere.  It changes the further away you get from ground.  You can also search and see that lightening is striking somewhere in the world, every single second, of every day, of every year.  Our atmosphere is “charged”, and it carries a “positive” charge in relation to the ground, or Earth, which is our “negative”.
When lightening strikes, you have a condition that brings the two together, in one spot, instantly.  You often do not hear the heat generated lightening that never touches the ground.  It is the massive boomers, that you will see arc across the sky and touch, that really rumble.  Fire, devastation, death, destruction is the usual result, even if it is Brother Tree.  Another amazing tidbit that I just read, and that is lightening, for some fun reason, will always strike Oak Trees, if given a choice among many.
The longer we walk upon our Mother Earth, the more “drained” our positive, life force Energy gets, it is depleted. Without consciously bringing in more Energy, or having someone help to do it, or even following a new health and life regime that incorporates more “positive” Life affirming habits, the battery starts to run down, losing it’s charge.
Energy workers “connect” with an outside “source” of Life Force Energy, and as a conduit, allow that Energy to help, heal, rejuvenate, and often integrate others.  It is a “recharge” of sorts, imbuing the physical and energy bodies with life affirming energy.
We live inside of our homes, on the ground or close to it, and loose our charge.  The depletion happens  a result of outside influences or invasive chemical or parasitic attack upon our cells, that we lose our fight to stay positive, and our body starts to shrink back down, keeping the vital organs and systems running paramount over the exterior.  It is contraction instead of expansion.
You can see it in almost any person if you look with a different filter.  Are they radiating Positive, or do they suck in, with their Negative?
We look like crap when things shut down, lets face it!
Time to wrap this one, two in one “day” should be enough on this Medicine!  Look into, if you desire, the story behind Suzanne Summers amazing defeat of cancer, and the mistletoe extract that was used.  Why mistletoe?
Because it never touched the ground!  It grows only in…. Oak Trees.  High up.  It has never lost it’s “charge” from being in the Sky.
Same with rain collected in a non conductive container, that never touches the ground.  Boil that water down slowly over time, until you have a powder left, and that is rumored to be something very, very special.
We are mortal due to outside forces that deplete our Life Force.
Counter those forces and stay in the Positive, and Time is no longer something to measure your life with, rather, Love becomes your new Camelot, your Round Table, the never ending expanse for your dreams.
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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:35 pm
Let's start with the word 'shaman'.  Shaman is gender neutral - there are no shamen or shawomen, only shamans, big ones and little ones.  The word itself was taken from the Tungis tribe in Siberia by 19th century anthropologists

"It is easy to go down into Hell; night and day, the gates of dark Death stand wide; but to climb back again, to retrace one's steps to the upper air -- there's the rub, the task." -- Virgil, 'Aeneid'

The name, which in Tungis means ghost talker, was then applied loosely by other scholars to any indigenous native religious tradition.  There is more than a small element of racism in that, but this is what was done.
Shamanism is the oldest form of human spirituality. In a very real sense, it is the grand daddy of them all.  Recent discoveries, of new caves in France put actual artwork representing shamanic themes back at thirty seven thousand years ago.  Tell this to a shaman and watch the flicker of a small smile play across their lips, because they know it is much, much older.  They have existed in every culture, every civilization, since the dawn of man.  They have traveled under many names, from the High Priests of Isis to the Delphic Oracles, from the Hebrew prophets to Nostradamus.  To the Celts they were the File(fee'lyee), the vision poets.  To the Scots, they were Tailbshear (tah'shar), the vision seers.  To the Welsh they were the Awenydd(ah-wen-ith), the inspired ones.  They are the walkers between worlds, the bridge between this reality and the unknown.  They are, in short, just plain nuts.
You will live, in some sense, in constant pain, alone; you will truly become the wounded healer.
Shamanism is not a religion - it is important to understand this, despite what new agers and some faux shamans try to create.  It is not a religion, though it is a religious practice.  Shamans are tied very intensely to the earth and to creation in general.  All shamans are unique; no two are alike even, though there are similarities.  The shaman of old was the man or woman living at the edge of the village in a mud hut, off to themselves.  They were usually shunned by the communities they served, until of course, they needed them.  Some things never change.
So how do people become shamans?
I'm glad you asked.

When people ask me seriously how they can become a shaman, I always respond with a simple question: "Why would you want to?"  Let me outline what is going to happen to you, if you ignite this spark.  You will have no friends; they will shun you because you scare them now; they will tell you that you're insane.  You will experience love, at its core - love so intense and so selfless; touching upon it makes you want to die.  But, you will never have anyone in your life again to share it with.  Your family will become strangers to you.  Everything you own will be taken away.  You will live, in some sense, in constant pain, alone; you will truly become the wounded healer.  People will treat you like a dime-store psychic.  Now, your spark is becoming a tiny flame and the bad stuff starts.  Visions you can't control; illnesses that are serious yet seem to have no cause or cure.  You will become depressed, a depression so deep and dark, you feel as though you are eating your own soul.

You're standing toe to toe with death - your own - and you suddenly slap it in the face and laugh
Now your tiny flame is growing into a small fire and the real trouble starts -- spatial lapses, missing time, time distortions and things that go bump in the night.  Your awareness begins to grow, but what is in that awareness provides no comfort.  New creatures will enter your world, not all of them are nice.  In fact, some of them will try to kill you, literally.  You will feel naked against the full force of ancient energies.  Something is driving you at this point, you no longer feel in control of anything.  Fear will seize you.  This isn't normal fear, but the kind of fear that steals your breath and stops your heart. People will become transparent wraiths to you.  When you see them, it will be in their totality.  You will feel their pain, anger and misery.  Not in terms of a casual observer - you will live it, in that instant.  This is unimaginably horrible.  But now you know, somewhere inside, a fire is raging.
Somehow, through all the pain, sweat, blood, misery and tears, you survive (most do not) to see beyond yourself and the world.  You're standing toe to toe with death - your own - and you suddenly slap it in the face and laugh . What appears next in your vision is one golden moment, one instant in a sea of time.  You will risk everything for that one chance to stare into the maw of eternity, to see, to know, because you are burning now with the fire from within.  You will leap into that chasm, not wanting to, but because you can do no less.  Now you are just a streak across that vastness, one small insignificant part of an immense whole.  In the end all you can say with that final desperate act is: "We mattered, we were here".  Perhaps you'll come back.  Perhaps you won't. But now you can carry the name . . . shaman.

So why be a shaman?
Shamans can be quite the life of the party - it's just a matter of why. 
 They choose their actions; they do not allow them to be chosen for them. 
 All of this comes down to the issue of why, why stalking, why dreaming, why intent and movement? 
 Shamans are using all these things to move their own energy to places that, frankly, are crazy. 
 But people in general can use the techniques to help them in their lives.  
Shamans are both ignorant and amazingly wise.
A shaman is created in any two of the following three ways: they are born to it, they are trained in it as a tradition, or they are called to it at some point in their lives. Shamans act from a place that isn't quite the same as other people. 

 If a shaman loves you, he or she comes from a place where love is unselfish, unmotivated, they would love you only because you are you and for no other reason, no expectation, no sense of loss.
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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 8:40 pm
In order to be an effective shamanic healer, one must first heal him/herself. It is imperative that the shamanic healer begin by confronting his/her own Shadow-side.

Everything has a dark side and the sooner we accept this, the sooner we can love all of existence for what it is.

The character of the Shadow is negative and is all the traits we keep hidden from the world and, most often, from ourselves.

We hide these traits to avoid being criticized and ostracized by family, friends, and society at large.


The Shadow (which I affectionately call my 'demon') has been with us from birth and will remain with us until death. It feeds on our negative feelings; self-doubt, discouragement, rejection, and depression, just to name a few.

The Shadow gains power when we dwell on these negative feelings and/or when we deny its existence altogether. It becomes our antithesis; our personal opposition and if left unchecked, the Shadow can and will take over our lives.

Nobody, and especially not a Shaman, can afford the risk of living in denial of the Shadow's existence. Simply put; it is folly and irresponsible to even try to do so. We must take control of and be responsible for our own existence before we can be entrusted with the healing of others.

We must have the courage to go deep within and confront our shadow-self; to sit with it in pain. We must bring every negative quality out from the dark and into the light that the gifts of the Shadow may be used for good.

This is a minor example: If you have been the kind of person who is always 'walked on' because of an inability to say 'No' then the Shadow can give you the courage to just say 'No'.

By acknowledging and incorporating the Shadow into our being, we begin to accept our strengths, as well as, our limitations. We begin to understand that bad things happen to good people and that without the darkness of the Shadow, we can never fully appreciate the greatest of all of Creator's gifts; the gift of Life.

A Journey to the Shadow

Materials needed: Blanket & Rattle or Drum.

For this journey you should first make two lists; one listing your positive qualities, the other your negative qualities. Be honest.

Place a blanket on the floor of a dark room. Smudge your area and self. Lie on your back, breathe deeply and relax. When you are relaxed and comfortable begin to focus on your negative traits. Notice how they've weakened you or strengthened you.

Next, state your intentions; 'I seek my Shadow-Self' and begin to rattle or drum in a steady rhythm, until you begin to feel a shift in your consciousness.


Go to your entrance into the lower world. Your guides will be waiting for you already. Mentally state your intention to your guides. They will know the places to look for your Shadow.

Most likely your Shadow will not be easily found. It will run and it will hide because it does not want to be found. It may flee into the upper world, so you will have to climb the World Tree to get there. Your guides will continue to help you on your search.

Wherever it may be, when you do find it, approach it with the utmost respect and confidence. Some shadows can be aggressive, but you are in a place where you can manifest the things you may need, so manifest a weapon, such as a staff or sword for your defence. Do not wield your weapon with the intent to destroy or you will kill a vital part of yourself. Some shadows will simply flee again.

When you are able, coax your shadow to sit and talk with you. It will probably whine and place blame on everyone else for making it the way it is. Be firm, but gentle in letting it know that you created it and that you will not let it control you. Let it know that you are responsible for your own life.

Ask your shadow to help you on future journeys and thank it for talking with you. Say your farewell and return from your journey.

You may not find your shadow on the first journey, but do not give up, try again another time. It is afraid of being discovered.

Never take your Shadow's existence for granted and remember that it will take time to forge a trusting relationship. Work with your shadow and talk with it regularly. Your shadow's qualities will strengthen you and be a tool of usefulness on future journeys and in your life in general.
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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:06 pm
There’s no doubt that selenite is one of the most powerful clearing stones in the world.
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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:06 pm
[size=40]Selenite: Meaning, Properties and Powers[/size]

Discover how you can embrace the healing energy of Selenite…

by Caroline Lucas

[size=24]Selenite Properties and Meanings

Selenite is one of the prettiest and most elegant crystals that you will ever see. With its pristine white color, it will look breathtaking next to different colored stones and crystals!
The most common selenite crystals are white and translucent and with beautiful striations. It makes this stone look almost like a silky pearl.
It’s usually tubular in shape, with different patterns and striations on them. It’s the striations that make them look unique and elegant.

Selenite is named after the Greek goddess Selene, which is the goddess of the moon. It’s also called the Satin Spar, Maria Glass, or Desert Rose.
Aside from its beauty and elegance, this stone is known to have many mystical and healing properties as well. Selenite crystals are most often found in the USA, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Greece, Japan, Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

Why Would You Use Selenite?

When you first see selenite, its white color will instantly grab your attention. This color is just perfect for a stone that stands for mental clarity.
You will need selenite crystals when there are a lot of things going on in your head and it’s starting to affect your sense of peace and quiet. It’s a good stone to have to help you quiet your mind and give you mental clarity.
It’s also a good stone to have with you to protect you from any form of psychic attack. People have a way of filling your head with bad ideas, thoughts, and perceptions. Having selenite in your possession will help cleanse your mind of all this negativity.


Mookaite Jasper: Meaning, Properties and Powers

There are many benefits to be had from this stone. Not only can it help balance and stabilize your body, it can also balance and stabilize your emotions.

Selenite is a very sensitive stone that acts just like a liquid light from this world to the angelic realm, and vice versa.
The striations that you can find on the selenite crystal’s surface serve as a pathway for the spirit.
The vibrations that the selenite gives are more of a spiritual nature rather than a physical one, so you can be on your way to spiritual enlightenment, too. Yes, all of that from this one stone.
In case you didn’t know it yet, selenite crystals can be used to awaken or strengthen your telepathic abilities. They can also be used for angel guidance, and in working with your spirit guides!

When you place selenite crystals in the four corners of your home, you can invite or establish more peace and serenity into your home and in the lives of all the people who live in it. Even if they’re small, they work very well as protection against big and strong negative influences.


Poppy Jasper: Meanings, Properties and Powers

How Will Selenite Help You?

Selenite, Healing and Health

Selenite is not only a protective stone that will keep the negative energies away, but it can also heal your body with the healing energies that it possesses. For instance, it can be used to treat health problems linked to the skeletal system, like arthritis.
It can also be used to aid treatment of certain cancers and tumors. If you’re having problems getting pregnant, keeping a selenite close to your body every day can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.
This stone increases libido and promotes fertility. It also gives mothers-to-be and their unborn children protection all throughout the pregnancy.

When you feel like you’re not feeling energetic enough, or you’re always feeling tired and lethargic, selenite can help clear the glands of your body and give you the energy that you need.
It can remove blockages in your energy fields and get rid of the dysfunctional energies from your body. It cleanses your aura of all toxins that affect your physical body.
When you’re experiencing mental confusion, you can place a selenite stone on top of your head and everything will immediately start making sense. This stone is very helpful when it comes to mental flexibility and decision making.
It’s good for your emotional well-being, your flexibility, and your intuition. It gives you strong instincts over time and is the perfect companion when you are doing your meditation.


Novaculite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Selenite, Luck and Wealth

Like most crystals and stones available today, selenite is a great stone to have for the attraction of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. But of course, no matter how many selenite crystals that you have on your body or in your purse, if you will not do the real work, no amount of lucky charms can make you rich, happy, and successful.
The selenite crystals will only work in your favor when you also give out the energy required to make things happen! Nonetheless, this is a good stone to have when dealing with anything money-related, including money problems and legal issues.
Selenite promotes good business practices and inspires honesty in business and professional relationships. When you have all these things going for you, it will be very easy to succeed at any project or endeavor!

Selenite, Love and Relationships

Selenite is a stone of love.
All the things that you want to happen in your romantic life can be made possible by tapping into the energies that this stone gives off.

Your days of wondering when you will finally find love will soon be over when you allow the energies of selenite crystals to wash your aura anew.



The more you cleanse it, the more negative energies you will remove, and the more positive love vibrations will be attracted to you.
If you’ve been searching for love but haven’t had much luck finding one that sticks, selenite crystals can help you with this problem.
Selenite will make love happen for you by removing all the old and outdated notions you have in your mind about the perfect partner and the right kind of love.
If you are in love with someone but cannot seem to get past the friend zone, selenite crystals can help shift the romantic energies surrounding the both of you.
Once the blockages in your energies are removed, men will start to see you for the incredible woman that you are and entertain more romantic thoughts about you.
When you are in a committed relationship but things are starting to feel strained and you no longer feel connected to each other, selenite can work on bringing you back together and restoring what was lost in your relationship.
Once again, the negative energies surrounding you and your partner will be cleansed with the energies of the selenite crystals.
Selenite helps you keep a loving relationship, and it will show you just how you can iron out your differences with the person you love by clearing your mind, your heart, and your body of the negative vibrations. Sometimes relationships can be a lot of work.



But when you are fueled by the energies of selenite, keeping a relationship going will no longer be a burden.
Selenite will infuse your life with love, and it will work together with you in keeping this love in your life for a very long time. It will break down your walls and make you believe in the beauty of love.
Just like Amazonite, it will toss your fears out the window and replace them with excitement, hope, and a sense of adventure.
It will inspire you to believe in the power of love, even when things are hard, and even when it hurts. It will make you feel hopeful and strong, even when things don’t work out, and it will make you feel grateful and blessed that you have a love so strong and true.
It will change the way you look at love in a better and more positive way.
Having selenite crystals with you will also fill your relationship with truth and honesty.
You will realize that a relationship based on secrets, lies, and pretensions just won’t do. If you want to have a shot at lasting happiness, now is the time to be honest to yourself and to each other.


Larimar: Meaning, Properties and Powers

The energies that you can get from selenite crystals are very helpful in stabilizing erratic emotions and bringing strong feelings under control.
When you have a tendency to explode whenever you’re angry, the selenite crystals will help you manage your emotions and react in a calmer and more levelheaded manner.
Energies from selenite can help melt away strong and overwhelming emotions. It can make your true light shine bright and your real nature show, and this will endear you more to your loved one.
It will not only work on your emotions but with how your loved one reacts to you, responds to you, or deals with conflicts with you.
By opening yourself up to the powers of the selenite crystals, you are also allowing your relationship and your partner to be influenced by their healing energies.
Selenite will work on your emotions so that you will live a balanced life with your loved ones.
It will carefully direct your feelings so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or others.
It will lift you up to a higher level of awareness and help you become the best lover, partner, and friend that you can ever be!

How to Use Selenite for the Best Results

When worn as an accessory, selenite crystals can help remove blockages in your body.
Put a selenite crystal or selenite wand on that part of your body that feels sore, tight, or painful for about 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel the difference right away.


Fairy Frost Crystal

Selenite crystals are also a good way to cleanse your healing jewelry. Just place your healing bracelet, necklace, or ring on a selenite crystal overnight, and you will find that it’s lighter and cleaner in the morning.
Having selenite crystals with you at work or at home can greatly shift the energy present there.
You can use them by sitting on your chair and putting your bare feet on the selenite, preferably a selenite wand.
As you relax your breathing, allow yourself to let go. You will become more conscious of the world you’re in and the energies surrounding you.
In as quick as 15 minutes, you will feel the balance restored in your body, and your head will be so much lighter and clearer.
Did you know that selenite can also cleanse your aura?
Just comb the selenite crystals up and down your body while visualizing them sucking away all the toxins and negativity, and all your worries, pains, and stresses of the day.
This is a good practice to have, especially when you’re surrounded by so many people every day. When you interact with lots of people, you also pick up on their energies.



Some of these energies stay with you and affect your own energies.
Using your selenite crystals for cleansing will make sure that you get rid of other people’s unwanted energies.
Selenite can also be placed on your windowsill to keep bad spirits and elements away.
You can also place them underneath your bed so that you can sleep like a baby all through the night.
In fact, you can place it anywhere in your house that you want to have clear and pure energy. Most popular places will be the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the living areas.
You can usually get selenite as a wand.
Remember that selenite enjoys a great deal of sunlight, so make sure that you put it in the corner of your home where there’s enough sunlight.
Selenite is a light carrier, so don’t let it stay inside your closet or drawer for too long.

The Best Combination to Use with Selenite

In case you’re wondering if selenite is a good crystal to pair with other crystals, the answer is yes. You can combine it with any rock crystal. You can also pair it with amethyst.
When combined with these stones and crystals, peace and serenity will reign. Pairing it with other stones and crystals will amplify selenite’s energy. It will rejuvenate you as you sleep and make you wake up feeling strong, cleansed, and refreshed!


Fuchsite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Selenite

There’s no doubt that selenite is one of the most powerful clearing stones in the world.
It’s a very powerful stone that will effectively cleanse your aura and remove all the bad vibrations and negative energies surrounding you.
If clarity of mind is what you’re hoping to achieve, you should know that selenite crystals activate the Sahasrara chakra, which is directly linked to the spirit. Having this stone in your possession can help you better understand your connection to the universe.
It’s a wonderful tool of enlightenment when it comes to your life, your spirit, and all the things and people that you interact with in this world.
Proper care should be given to your selenite because it can impact your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric existence.
For the selenite crystal to do its work, you must also be willing enough to accept the changes that it will bring to your life![/size][/size]
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Re: Sjamaan

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 9:07 pm
In other words must change...isn´t that a " terrible" thing to say ?

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Re: Sjamaan

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Is this synchronicity or what ???

Just found the article the dowser at orgoniteplus, Steve, once used , in explaining to Jacques why the selenite way , the " plasterite" , worked so well

what a catch..must be sheer ....luck ...wink wink yeah right...

Magickal Selenite.

Posted on February 5, 2010 by fairydust
Magical Selenite
Gypsum has several variety names that are widely used in the mineral trade.
“Selenite” is the colorless and transparent variety that shows a pearl like luster and has been described as having a moon like glow. The word selenite comes from the greek for Moon and means moon rock.
Another variety is a compact fiberous aggregate called “satin spar” . This variety has a very satin like look that gives a play of light up and down the fiberous crystals.
A fine grained massive material is called “alabaster” and is an ornamental stone used in fine carvings for centuries, even eons.
Crystals of gypsum can be extremely colorless and transparent, making a strong contrast to the most common usage in drywall. The crystals can also be quite large. Gypsum is a natural insulator, feeling warm to the touch when compared to a more ordinary rock or quartz crystal. Sheets of clear crystals can be easily peeled from a a larger specimen.
Commonly referred to as Salt of the Earth – this mineral is made up of the same composition as our saline human bodies. This may help us begin to understand its ability to resonate so well with our physical body as well as our special facilitator from Mother Earth in transitioning from a more physical constitution, to a light bodied one.
In meditation placing Selenite a few inches above the head will help in the cleansing, clearing and balancing of all chakras. Selenite can assist in the bridging of the conscious mind to the super conscious mind, allowing one to connect with one’s SOUL STAR.
A chakra median located outside the body and above one’s head
Selenite stimulates brain activity and provides for clarity of mind, works well in facilitating that clarity in areas of disputes and legal matters By rubbing selenite with your thumb and forefinger one may activate the energies of this most conductive mineral. It is easily scratched if one uses their fingernails, so activation is best achieved by rubbing.
Selenite is excellent for the straightening of one’s spinal column, whether in the hand of professional body and energy workers or though ones own personal direction. Selenite’s ability todirect energies is unparalleled in natureIt can channel light much in the same way as fiber optics do, making this one of the most sought after minerals of this New Age.
It provides for us a direct corridor through its natural striations, allowing us to connect with universal light energy. Native Americans utilize pieces of selenite in their ceremonial and sweat lodge fires to assist with vision questing.
Selenite and Apophyllite are the only two minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals. Selenite is further unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals.
Place any crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of your Selenite Wand. You can set a number of different stones in a row. The Selenite will both clean any energies present and recharge your other crystals and stones.
You can greatly increase any other crystal or stone energy by pointing your Selenite Wand at the other stone. Reprogramming is done this way. Just visualize how you want the energy of your Quartz crystal or other stone to perform.
Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings or Totem Animals can all be more easily contacted using a Selenite Wand. Access your subconscious as well. These wands are very potent. Be careful of your thoughts when working with Selenite.
Rub your Selenite in an outward direction with two or three fingers. At the same time visualize and ask to contact a guide. Selenite provides a bridge to other worlds.
Use a similar rubbing process only use your thumb and rub along the ridges or striation lines of your Selenite. Ask for access to your Past Lives. This sometimes happens very quickly so be prepared.
Selenite is often used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original record keeping stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. Using the same rubbing technique as for Past Lives, ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling.
When using your Selenite Wand in any of these ways or to amplify healing, make certain you use your inner powers to wipe clean the energy that has been placed into the Selenite.
Superior for psychic development and intuitive processes. A growing number of readers are finding Selenite more useful and manageable than Quartz Crystal. Quartz has that uncompromising habit of amplifying everything, positive or negative.
As a bridge to altered states of consciousness, Selenite is an excellent tool for visualization, meditation and working with the subconscious.
Goes to the source of physical disorders and provides insights into probable causes. Outstanding as a journeying tool for Shamans.
LOVE ATTRACTOR AND RESTORER OF HARMONY Its unique ability to connect and balance the Spiritual and Physical bodies enables Selenite to do similar work between two persons. Selenite is so powerful as a record keeper that some couples use a large Selenite piece as a message center. It tends to smooth out any difficulties due to unclear messages POTENT AID TO HEALING Working with the subtle bodies Selenite pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the chakras makes Selenite a universal healing implement. Selenite is not like any other healing stone or wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Selenite works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura. As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral.

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