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HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:47 am
you know J I am coming close to deleting this whole forum, honestly, I am through with it , you have no idea
well you probably have but things are blatant enough
first of all this whole method should never have been infiltrated by the new age
as all we get is those dumbed down fuckers who cannot differentiate their ass from their elbow now
this whole thing is going nowhere, no one gives even a remote fuck
so I do wonder what we are doing here at all

also the FB hoopla is not contributing
as all that is attracted is idiots, new age zombies, and who knows what, shite to put it short, utter shite 
comes in

but you know what let them be, the idiots , let them be on fakebook as I have really had it
maybe we have to get rid of this whole thing as barely anyone seems to understand it anyway
the dumbing down is completed

maybe deleting is the best thing
than all the little fuck faces, the cowards, the scam artist, the pricks and cunts, aka the general public can point their little Political correct fucking fingers at me for deleting it and we are all happy
you see
all these little sleazebags of the troof movement, a bunch of con artists
bla bla bla 

I really hate this, I hate being herect
hate being surrounded by dumb fucks on Fakebook
maybe it is time to blow it all up
let them have it
no one gives a fuck anyway

The Ministry of Love has erased above post for being not political correct

We will be monitoring EK from now on

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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:48 am

 Re: The Irish Topic

  OrgonitePlus on Sun 8 Apr 2018 - 9:23

Big fucking Navy helicopter came over, I mean came over so fucking low I could have jumped on board if I really wanted to
I am not fucking kidding ya
my veranda is filled with kerosine smell
it was not so loud
very odd
you see that is what happens if you don t turn of the BSB
had the camera but it faulted
said lens stuck
I will turn of bsb for half an hour and turn it on again
just to fuck em up
like they do with us
I do to them
keeps the cosmic balance swinging correctly without push up bra

maybe five meters max over the chimney
if they fly low you can barely here them 
when you do hear them they are almost on top of you
this crap has been going on for three years
non stop
there is no adrenaline anymore
I just watch it
like I watch a bird
although even a bird is more exciting

think I have some pics of it , yes they use the same helicopters
know them all

about eight types now
more or less

he did not do the circle on me that gobshite
so pathetic
what cowards
they must be on fakebook too I recon

It is good to be harassed so much keeps me on the edge
otherwise I would be like a zombie like most of you
thank god that has not happened yet

was like this one but it had different colours
more blue and gray 
it also did not have an irish drunk nose
I mean red nose

will do some cooking later on , maybe thou can learn a bit there too

throat is a bit sore
must be that elite nano cocktail from last night
whole highways were sprayed over me
during the night

very low too

but do not worry children I have my five thousand dollar anti cabal potion ready
it is made of honey , garlic, lots of garlic , and ginger
and it works very well

cleans you out

camera is repaired now
but they probably do not return

too bad

also this time it was not fifty yards away
this time it came straight over me in a sort of curve
must be ...coincidence...

why wait half an hour, fifteen minutes is enough

yep , turn the babe on again


This is the thought police
the above post contained too much truth and therefor had to be censored
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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:49 am

 Re: The Irish Topic

  Jenny on Sun 8 Apr 2018 - 8:54

Yes I can understand your frustration.   But your initial comments scared me, that  you could suddenly decide to delete it all 'just like that'.  Please don't do anything rash, most of this input of course is yours, but a lot is from other people as you well know.  So it would be unfair and frankly wrong to delete it as it has been placed in  your trust, if it goes, it's gone for good, lost - well lost to me and anyone else who wants to browse here:  I want to feel confident that all we have done over the last few years is in safe hands.  Please keep that in mind.[/size]

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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:50 am


more sheeple

and more

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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:51 am
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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:51 am
And of course the site will get 50.000 views and no one opens their brainwashed piehole, surprise surprise...
All new age victims nowadays anyways duh...

But it is lonely at the top
it truly is
it is lonely at the top
J and moi
Girl and Boy
for the time being
I mean , who knows what the transhumanist future will bring
hmm yummy

people have no idea no idea whatsoever how controlled this world is , this reality
no idea
they think they do
but they dont
they dont have a fucking clue
again, they THink they do but they do not
they do not

with your fucking fift millions masonic satanic reike channeling shaman nwo brainwash transhumanist crap
you dont understand a fucking shit
you are cattle
and cattle
must be depopulated
it is a must be
no tears on my part though
that is what the nwo farmers do with too much cattle
you cull it
what is so hard to understand ?
it is pure logic
unfortunately that includes me, not that I belong to the cattle
but I also do not belong to some shitty masonic shite house
I dont have the right genes, unfortunately so I have to go too
Dont worry there is always a shamanic reiki healing energy 580 dollar course for a day you can apply for , cattle
No tears
haven been looking into that creep from the " Chembow" boy there is a nice door opening there
but you see, corruption knows no limits and you lot, you android clowns are so easily programmed it is laughable
with your masonic groups
your organisations
your control
with your nsa fuckbook
bla bla bla
you are cattle
accept it
most do

it is a choice you see
either be a dumbass and dance for the nwo
as most of you truly do

or be free
boy you will be hated than
truth is not so popular
you , with your expanded air filled bubble egos, thinking you know something, you know shit
you know total shit
shit in shit out
ok, got that, too hard for ya ?
shit in ...shit out , you see ...easy peasy

it is all la la land out there and obv most folk love it
they love it
they love the aliens, the reptiles, the children of planet Zork, the Satanic worship of Isis , bla bla bla
all that shite, you eat it up
most of you eat it up
total cattle
dont make a big deal about it , dumbos, most of you are cattle
most folk out there are cattle
it is human nature
but no one can bring their indoctrinated sorry asses to help Lady J out on the bridge, as long as that will be allowed
to even speak out, no no
you cattle
you cant even do that
you are so pathetic
even worse than pathetic
actually, dear zombies, you are part of the problem
do you really think you can find much truth, anywhere
of course not
you may find a few snippets here and there, but that is as far as it goes
a few breadcrumbs

the whole truth movement, or any movement for that matter is a farce
and you all fall for it
so you are all a farce too
you are not real
if you were real you would be on that fucking O O'Connell bridge in Dublin too but you are not
howcome ?
What is fucking wrong with you ?
Is it not enlightened enough for ya perhaps ?
hmm ?
Why is your sorry little ass not actually fucking doing something positive ?
Sorry cant hear you idiot, talk louder, what do you say ?
Can t fecking hear ya....too much reiki , political correctness, vegan noodles, BS and fantasy and cowardice drooling out of your shitty mouths

you are nowhere to be seen ???????  HOly moly pinch my big maloney

is that " awakening" have a laugh
it is all so sick and pathetic
so ....what do we have, got fifty fecking million Irish zombies on the satanic fakebook prattling on about things they dont have a clue about
and five on the darn bridge, come on, stupid child, use your five non gmo brain cells, see if you can figure this one out, eejits, what is wrong with this picture?

and if J does a workshop barely four show up
boy the troofers cant be stopped eh ?

but most of you clowns prefer to follow the leader
as long as there is no real commitment anything goes
you know " positivity" , made up BS and deception and all that jazz
smooth talking la la land BS, that is what you goblins want
come on , admit it, your little divine feminine sexuality rush
probably applies to the guys too as they are all pussies now anyway
hey Johny want some lipstick
come on, dont be a hater
bow down to the all seeing eye
bla bla bla

I see someone took the dyname out of facebook, oh hollly it is me, again, I am no longer there
now it is truly utter BS floating around there
do you really , REALLY , think I want to be associated , even remotely, to those arsholes on FB ????
come on, get real
Get fecking real

things have gone , with YOUR support by the way, so unbelievably corrupt it is staggering
they will prob call this little love note  hate speech or offending bla bla
could go on for hours
but I am not into groups, you may have noticed that
all those shitty groups that go fucking nowwhere
fucking nowhere
do you , are you listening, child ??
It is all deception out there, many layers of deception
perfectly controlled opposition, again, in layers
it is swinging you around
you see
swinging you around and round and round and round
so you dont even know what up and below is 
I dont like getting myself swingered you see
that is why I see through all the BS

the all seeing eye does not miss much you  see
it truly doesnt miss much
do you think it is all by " accident" or sheer luck
think again

but than again, thinking is a bit hard for the sheeple
it is also a thought crime and very offensive
you might discover a bit of truth once in a while
isnt that a bad thing to say
now go back to your TV, your  gaia, your bla bla bla
your gurus,your puppets 
your authorized leaders
as thou must have leaders
bring me to your leader Borg
come on
your consciousness human shift , shit, paradigm, awakening, spirit angels bla bla fucking bla bla bla bla bla
and truly , we know it is going nowhere, coincidence? think not
anyway , kiddos , my beeper just went off, diner is ready
Dalai lama, he is a lama for sure, trying to sell me consciousness DVD s , that prick
maybe he is on his way to London, to have a nice little inner circle party with gobshite Charles who knows
better make sure your kids are off the streets when that gang hits the fan
there is meat in my diner
a meat eater
haven t we killed them all off? almost
almost but not quite yet

now come on , change your profile pic on FB put a fucking french flag in , you stupid sheeple
serve the dark side , you are good at that
that s all you do
you serve the dark side
A certain chicken was hurt during the course of this talk
it is on my plate now
certain vegetable were killed off too, even though that is life too it does not matter
where is the fucking logic eh 
do plants not deserve a life hmmm gobshites
a sinner is someone who goes against the control grid
as they do not like competition
rockefeller said that
competition is a sin
you are not allowed to steal that is their fucking job
know thy place
all that brainwash is meant for you clowns
not for them
it is for you

and it works very very very VERY well on most of you

now fuck off I have to eat

Love and Light

cheers cherry santa hklhjlkhklhjkljk

A third post had to be censored , time is up EK
Please report to the nearest 

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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

on Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:52 am

it is ok
it is all ok
have to ventilate the spiders away
gluten free spiders of course
I just hope the non gmo spiders do not feel offended, as  that is a non binairy gender remark, full of total racism, utter hate speech, and jadija
thank goodness it is not a black spider or , even worse, a joow spider, boy that would break the bank
or a minority spider or a refugee nwo spider, or a sustainable spider or a new age non enlightened spider, or a non vegan half kosher transgendered spider , will " it " feel offended...oh oh....walking on eggs here baby....oh goshy goshy...tut..tut..tut...
that would break the " paradigm" hmmmm
and what if it was a muslim spider is that pc to talk about , dont think so, or any other nwo religion flavor
as it are all flavors you see
or a buddist spider, or jehova, or scientology
or screwology
it is all basically the same mantra
all dogma
what happened to free speech
that s out of the window
that is the bottom line you see
hope the non existant gluten free non soy readers at least get that out of it
what happened to free speech

free speech is hate speech now
truth is hate speech
no wonder we have so many fans
as you see  there is never a shortage of BS out there and most folk want that , they want their BS
they love it
they could no do without it
they could not, 
the annunaki, ufo, crop circles, bla bla bla....archons, aliens, bla bla bla...descended white blue purple race masters..;bla bla of loch ness, does not matter as long as it s not truth or reality, anything goes
there is so much BS going on it is staggering

and most fall for it , remember the scams
the Y2K
or what was it that annufuckingnakie agenda crap
the mayan calender
or the promoted books
what was it
the celistine prophecy
or fifty shades of shit ???
you know, all the promoted crap
pushed down the gullible throats
it is all fucking bla bla bla shit bla bla bladios
that is what is is 

authorized qualified rubber stamped shit
that is what is given to us

so you may have guessed correctly, not a fan of authorized scam artists, aka controlled opposition
all those truth hoopla, the conferences, it is all shit
shit in shit out
it is all one big shit show
the Ken aka scam o Keefe, mag igan, shitface Icke, Jones, bla bla bla
all one big freak show
showering the smeeple with their crap
that is what it is 

and I am getting tired of it
but the little shit kids on fuckbook just cant get enough of it
I have long past the stage of puking
it is way beyond that now

Cooper said it , all BS artists
all of them
otherwise they would not be allowed

does not mean I suck up to Cooper either
as far as I can tell they all are compromized

it is all one big willy waving corrupt club of gobshites, male , female and what is in between as we have to be pc  nowadays
LGBT hoopla and all that

that is all it is
and they laugh about us all
and you all see them doing their masonic handshakes they just laugh at us

time has shown us that all orgonite big names out there
the big companies are just scam artists
that is how it is 
wont make you many " friends" though prattling on about that crap

kids cant handle truth

anyway I make it short today
as there is no point in talking on 
but the outside world , the authorized stage, no I do not take much interest in that
as you will never find any truth there

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Re: HateSpeech ( Truth )

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